SIRO-A, a music group from Japan, have stormed the world with their creative and tremendously entertaining show. Their performance combines dance, mime, performance art and comedy with cutting edge technology. I was lucky enough to see the guys’ last show in London at the Leicester Square Theatre before their return to Japan.

It was a Saturday night, the closing night, and the first thing the boys asked the audience to do was to take a few weird looking pictures of themselves. I thought it’s better if other people took the picture, then another thought crossed my mind: where is my photo going to end up? Will it be on a big screen during the show or would it go on a Japanese dating website? Luckily the pictures were uploaded onto the big screen which I found hilarious.

The first act was intense, with a great dance routine accompanied by a strong electronic and techno tune. Their shiny cyberpunk outfits totally drove me into the world of Tron: Legacy . A beautiful game of colours and lasers left me glued to my seat. Their well synchronized movements, balanced humour and the artists’ effortless stage performance was superbly presented. The second act, on the other hand, was filled with more mime, more projected images including those from the audience, and more interaction with the people in the theatre. The music was slightly lighter and contemporary dance movements were bought onto the stage. I can’t believe how flawless their performance was.

The only problem I found was the venue. The Leicester Square Theatre is good for stand up comedy but not for music events. I was seated, when I felt like dancing with SIRO-A, and the small stage and low ceiling slightly restricted the flow of the lights and lasers it also made me feel a bit claustrophobic. I wish I could have seen the show in a better and definitely bigger venue where the projections could really tower over me, overpowering my senses and leaving me speechless. I just want to feel like I am in a different dimension.

The group is definitely one of the best entertainers from overseas that I have seen in years. SIRO-A “is pure visual and sonic magic”. I do hope to see them again.


Written by Maggie Gogler

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