Mad Dogs, created and written by Cris Cole , tells the story of four friends (Woody, Baxter, Rick and Quinn) and the trouble they face when a visit to an old friend forces them into a world of corruption, drugs and murder. The first season introduced the viewer to the main characters played by Max Beesley (Woody), […]

  ‘Chasing Cotards’ is a visually stunning work of art. The short film, directed by Edward L. Dark, lasts only 13 minutes and has no dialogue to speak of. And yet it is a powerful piece telling the story of a man, Andrew Scott (Sherlock, Sea Wall), who struggles with the recent death of his […]

Freud and Jung undoubtedly have gone down in history for their work on psychoanalysis. Their ideas and biographies have kindled the imagination of not only the researchers from different disciplines, but also ordinary people. This is evident through David Cornenberg’s (The Fly, A History of Violence, Eastern Promises) new film  ‘A Dangerous Method’. The Swiss […]

When I first discovered that a new silent film was being made I knew instantly that I would adore it. Having grown up watching silent cinema, namely the works of Charlie Chaplin, I had become accustomed to the soundtrack replacing an actor’s voice. This is not the case for everybody though, so of course Michel […]

  The God of Carnage is the only God which has ruled indivisibly since the beginning of time.  Power equals strength.  The law of the strongest is always valid, but the powerful is always right.  Due to huge tensions, many nervous cords are being touched, hoarse throats and piles of pulled out hair “the end […]

Playwright Simon Stephens’ short film, based on the play of the same name, has gained an incredible amount of interest as of late. This can be explained by its leading man, Andrew Scott, who is most famous for his role as James Moriarty in Sherlock. The short film, which is slightly over 30 minutes long, […]

“Birdy” is a story of childhood friendship, war, obsession and mental illness. The novel takes place in a suburb of Philadelphia prior to World War II. It is narrated by Al, an all-American Italian boy turned man, who has been best friends with the main character, Birdy, since early childhood. Birdy is a genius obsessed […]

  The 55th BFI London Film Festival was the first BFI film festival for me (Roxy) and the second for Maggie. At the festival we attended many screenings. We saw: Shame, Like Crazy, Coriolanus, Les Enfants Du Paradis, A Dangerous Method, Rebellion, The Monk, The Artist, Carnage, Anonymous, Take Shelter, 50/50 and The Future. There […]

The 9th London Short Film Festival was an interesting experience; neither of us have ever been to see short films on screen before. We went to two events at the festival: New Shorts #1: Funny Shit and New Shorts #3: F***ed Up Love. The shorts were over 90 minutes of pure laughs and tears for […]

  This production is one of the most important accomplishments of  Wim Wenders (The Million Dollar Hotel, Buena Vista Social Club). It’s not entirely a musical, but it can be defined as a brilliant tribute to the amazing German-born choreographer Philippine Bausch. Wim Wenders previously made a few attempts to document the lifetime achievement of Pina […]