Pina Review


This production is one of the most important accomplishments of  Wim Wenders (The Million Dollar Hotel, Buena Vista Social Club). It’s not entirely a musical, but it can be defined as a brilliant tribute to the amazing German-born choreographer Philippine Bausch. Wim Wenders previously made a few attempts to document the lifetime achievement of Pina – his close friend, but the project was interrupted by Pina’s sudden death on 30 June 2009. She always wished for her performances to be perfected to the highest standards, therefore, the director’s aim was to create  a 3D film.

What is happening in the film?  Above all, we can see wonderful performances of the inspirational dance choreography designed by Pina. Some sequences of movement are thought-provoking, they inspire the audience to think of its hidden meaning.The director incorporated fragments of Pina’s three shows ‘The Rite of Spring’, ‘Vollmond’ and ‘Cafe Muller’. Very few words are actually said throughout the film, and they often express the trainer’s attitude to her dancers and to dance itself. Pina has a very unique atmosphere, making the audience follow each movement with awe, without being able to predict what the next sequence may be like.I came across this film when viewing BIFA2011 list of Nominations. I first read through the category for which the film was nominated, then I saw its catchy poster (picture nominated for Best Foreign Language Film) and soon I was watching the film thinking to myself – IT’S FANTASTIC!

Well, it’s not easy to praise the screenplay – it is fine, I think. The words spoken by Pina Bausch and dancers talking about her was all very meaningful. Wim Wenders, whom I have mentioned previously, has done a good job – his best film so far, in my opinion.Naturally, the main theme of the production is dance, and its inseparable element – music plays the crucial role here. The tunes we hear are amazing; set design and costumes are also fantastic – all in all, the film is phenomenal!

Summing up, I would like to quote the film director: ‘It is a tribute to an amazing choreographer famed for a new language of dance, it’s our gesture of gratitude for the beauty she brought to our world. It is one of the most beautiful works of art I have ever seen. Let us cherish this exceptional dancer and her wonderful artistic achievements’ I THOROUGHLY  RECOMMEND THE FILM!

Reviewed by Maggie Gogler

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