The 55th BFI London Film Festival was the first BFI film festival for me (Roxy) and the second for Maggie. At the festival we attended many screenings. We saw: Shame, Like Crazy, Coriolanus, Les Enfants Du Paradis, A Dangerous Method, Rebellion, The Monk, The Artist, Carnage, Anonymous, Take Shelter, 50/50 and The Future. There were few disappointments (*cough* Anonymous *cough*). And being able to walk the red carpet for the first time was exciting! It was sad to hear that it was the last year of Sandra Hebron as the Artistic Director responsible for the festival. Her replacement is Claire Stewart, an Australian who ran the Sydney Film Festival. Apart from attending the screenings we were lucky enough to be a part of the q+a’s and screen talks. It was an unforgettable experience and we will definitely be going back this year.

‘CORIOLANUS’   Brian Cox,John Logan,Ralph Fiennes and Sandra Hebron

‘TAKE SHELTER’ Michael Shannon

‘REBELLION’  Mathieu Kassovitz with Benoit Jaubert

Mathieu Kassovitz with Maggie and Roxy

‘THE MONK’ Vincent Cassel and Dominik Moll

Vincent Cassel with Maggie and Roxy

‘A DANGEROUS METHOD’ cast and director, David Cronenberg.

‘ANONYMOUS’ Sandra Hebron with Roland Emmerich and the film cast

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We are enthusiasts of the arts, passionate about cinema, theatre, and literature. Maggie is a freelance film producer, production manager and she also works with children. Sanja is a freelance translator, occasional writer and a perpetual dreamer. Film is her first and longest-lasting love. Roxy is an Arts Journalist, who writes for several magazines and websites.


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