Kazuo Ishiguro’s ‘Never Let Me Go’ is a heartbreaking tale of life, love and loss. It is set in an alternate universe, where scientific technology has advanced so far that we use donations of body parts from clones in order to tackle disease. The story, however, doesn’t really dwell on this issue. It is really […]

Florence and The Machine returned with their second album ‘Ceremonials’ two years after the success of their debut album ‘Lungs’. The album was bolder than the first and had a more defined sound, in short it was a brilliant accomplishment for Florence Welch. Having only done a couple of small shows after the release of ‘Lungs’ […]

One of the most exciting debates of the day was ‘Reporting back from the Arab Spring’.  It was chaired by the channel 4 broadcaster Samira Ahmed, and sitting on the panel were Egyptian pro-democracy blogger and activist Salma Said, filmmaker Hanan Abdalla, BBC reporter Shainaa Khahil, Laila El-Wafi,a founder member of Women4Liybia and we are […]

“Dr. Kiran Bedi: the first and highest ranking woman in the Indian Police Service,renowned for reforming the Tihar jail in Delhi using tough love, yoga and meditation”. Stubborn and outspoken, sensitive but tough. A woman with vision who didn’t give up even in the face of adversity.She is a shining example on how a passionate […]

Drive, directed by Nicholas Winding Refn (Bronson, Valhalla Rising), is based on James Sallis’ novel of the same name and  is a brutal and somehwat poetic tale of one man’s fight to protect the woman he loves. We are first introduced to Driver, played marvellously by Ryan Gosling (The Notebook, The Ides of March), giving […]

The famed children’s story, and prequel to the acclaimed Lord of the Rings trilogy, by J.R.R Tolkien tells the adventurous tale of Bilbo Baggins, Twelve Dwarves (Fili, Kili, Oin, Gloin, Dwalin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur, Bombur, Dori, Nori, Ori and Torin Oakenshield. – how I remember that I don’t know) and Gandalf and their plight to […]

Lev Beniov- a teenager living in Leningrad besieged by the Germans. After his father’s disappearance, somewhere in the city, Lev has to cope on his own, fighting for food and money. The boy is caught looting a corpse and is dragged to jail where he faces the death penalty. He shares his cell with a […]

Mark Paul Krawczyk is a Polish-American actor who received a BS in Theatre from Towson University,he also received a MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.He currently lives in the Baltimore area where he teaches at George Washington Carver Centre for Arts and Technology, whilst also continuing to perform for the theatre. Mark […]