The Getty Images Gallery has organized an amazing exhibition. A collection of imagery and memorabilia to commemorate 50 years since the untimely death of Marilyn Monroe.With an instantly recognisable image and style to boot, Ms Monroe still stands as one of the most influential actresses and fashion icons of her day.

With photos from the beginning of her career, following her rise to international fame, the exhibition also features original tapes of the actress so you can see behind the scenes of one of the most famous stars of the 20th century.You can also see and admire her 12 glamorous gowns that she used while filming various movies.There was one particular dress that caught my eye : it was a black dress with a red rose(1952) the dress was worn by Marilyn in the role of Rose Loomis in Niagara,in this film Marilyn plays the role of famme fatale, a wife that conspires with her lover to murder her husband . I know terrifying story,however,she looked stunning in that black creation!

I should also mention that the exhibition wouldn’t have taken place if it wasn’t for Mr David Gainsborough Roberts.He loaned original dresses and costumes from his personal collection.He also supported and assisted with Marilyn exhibition.

Written by Maggie Gogler


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