Amancay Tapia is a young Spanish director whose first feature film Battlefield was commercially released in Bolivia from January to March 2011 and in Spain in March 2012. It was also shown in London at Occupy LSX, The Bolivar Hall and Passing Clouds as well as at several UK Universities, such as Bath University and […]

  In Darkness is the latest Agnieszka Holland’s (Europa Europa, The Killing) Seconds World War drama. It’s an emotional, dramatic and poignant film. It’s the winner of many awards at international film festivals and was the Polish candidate for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. In Darkness is based on the true story of […]

Botho Strauss’s German play Gross und Klein, or as it is translated Big and Small, is the latest production from the Sydney Theatre Company. The play is set in West Germany and stars the delicate and stunning Cate Blanchett in the lead role as Lotte and centre’s around her struggle to find sanctuary in her […]

  The theatre has always been a passion of mine, I love how well the actors and the play can take me away, and introduce me to, a new world. The world of John Webster’s Duchess of Malfi, brought brilliantly on stage by Jamie Lloyd, is set in 17th century Italy. The play tells the […]

War, fight to the death and off we go. Another, I would have thought, epic adventure. I really wanted to write something extraordinary about Jonathan Liebesman’s (Battle Los Angeles, Darkness Falls) new film, however, I was left disappointed after the screening. I actually wanted to leave the cinema after just 40 minutes into the film. […]

  After the success of the Wallace and Gromit films Aardman animations have finally returned to the big screen with this entertaining take on Gideon Defoe’s book of the same name. The film tells the story of the Pirate Captain and his quest to be crowned pirate of the year. While attempting to steal more […]