METAWARS by Jeff Norton

I have to admit that I have never been interested in reading sci-fi books until I got METAWARS in my hands. It took me 48 hours to read the entire book which, in my opinion, was a record!

METAWARS written by Jeff Norton is a story of two worlds: the Millenials and the Guardians. The real world has been destroyed; there’s no oil, people struggle to survive and “leading governments have fallen bankrupt”. In this apocalyptic world we meet Jonah Delacroix, a young and brave individual. He lives on a retired bus, hates the real world and who we later find is trapped in a place where the cruel “battle over control of an online virtual world”, called Metashpere, occurs.

Jonah knows the world he belongs to and which side he is on. One day he finds his dead father’s avatar online and decides to assume it, unfortunately, while surfing in the virtual world, he learns that what he knows and believes in is far from the truth.

Forced to race across both worlds, he seeks for the verity and tries to protect “the freedom of all mankind”. Along the way the protagonist meets Axel, Matthew and Samantha. Those three will have an impact on Jonah’s life and his ways of thinking. I have to say that Sam is my favourite character. A strong fearless and independent girl. Thinking back, I’d like to believe that there was some affection between Sam and Jonah. I know, sounds cheesy but we girls like a little bit of love in books.

METAWARS is a book for everyone, however, I’d imagine it’s more suitable for a younger audience, probably teenagers. The book is filled with great action, adventures and compelling characters. Personally, I found it to be an exciting read. You ought to know that METAWARS is the first of four books. The second one is called METAWARS: The Dead Are Rising and was published in November 2012. Both books are available on  iTunes and Amazon, and cost just £4.99 each. WHAT A BARGAIN! You can also read the interview with Jeff Norton on the blog. He talks about METAWARS and the process of writing the book.

Written by Maggie Gogler

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