We could never have imagined how much of an impact Scandinavian TV shows and films have had on the British audience until we went to Nordicana, the UK’s first expo celebrating Danish, Swedish and Norwegian crime thrillers as well as fiction and film. We were over the moon when we got a chance to participate in the q&a with Arne Dahl, one of the most prominent Swedish crime writers, alongside the stars of Europa Blues: Malin Arvidsson, Magnus Samuelsson, Shanti Roney, Matias Varela conducted by the author of ‘Nordic Noir – The Pocket Essential Guide to Scandinavian Crime Fiction, Film & TV’, Barry Forshaw.

Nordicana- Sidse

Sidse Babett Knudzen at Nordicana © Nordicana 

There were also interviews with Adam Price, Borgen creator. Q&A with The Killing star Marie Askehave, a charming lady who had a great sense of humour. We definitely enjoyed listening to the author of The Killing, David Hewson. He presented the book writing structure and how he was able to squeeze 20 hours of The Killing (First Season) into one book. There was also a discussion with the author of the ‘Shetland’ series Anne Cleeves, who talked about how she came to write her books and the pure luck of them being commissioned for the tv. We found her to be a very amicable and funny person who really has a passion for her work. Apart from interviews, panels, and discussions, there were free film screenings. Unfortunately, we managed to see only one film ‘King of Devil’s Island’, the sweeping epic drama from director Marius Hols who recreated a tragedy which occurred in 1915 in Norway, in the place called The Bastoy Boys’ Home, a correctional facility for young boys and teenagers. The film was without a doubt a very good drama and featured stars such as Stellan Skarsgard.

Arne Dahl's stars courtesy of James Rea

Arne Dahl’s Stars © James Rea

In the late afternoon, it was time to eat. Unfortunately, instead of proper food, we ended up eating the most delicious and irresistible Swedish cinnamon bans. The Salmon sandwiches tasted great too!

We are very grateful to Arrow Films for organizing such an incredible event. It was held in a warehouse in Farringdon, London. There was lots of space for everyone to hang around. The only thing we would like to point out is that there was not enough light in rooms during the Q&As, interviews and discussions. Apart from that, the organizers did a good job. We do hope Nordicana will be back in 2014.

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