Asian Chairshot, Dead Buttons and PATiENTS

For the past few months I have been going to various concerts around London and, no matter where I went, I always ended up seeing Korean musicians. Each and every time I was blown away by their performances. This time was no different. Club Radio Free Europe decided to present us with three of the loudest and talented rock acts that are currently pushing their way up the music ladder: Asian Chairshot, PATiENTS and Dead Buttons. The gig took place at the AAA Archangel Venue in London.

Before starting the show I had a chance to chat with some of the guys. I found them professional, funny and very charming. Yes, I actually said that, they were all very charming. They know how to keep a good and healthy relationship with their fans. This doesn’t really happen often in music.

The first act that hit the stage was the punk band PATiENTS with Sumin Jo as the lead singer, JaeHyuk on drums and HyuckJang on keyboards. It was their 5th gig in the UK and what a smashing one it was. They kicked their performance off with Hybrid, which sounded as if thunder hit a rock with all its power. This was an absolutely superb track with a powerful guitar riff combined with keyboards and a fast drum beat, it was an explosive song for sure. To the person that said you cannot mix piano in rock/punk music you need serious medical attention. I am so glad the guys have managed to do it! It sounded fresh and original. The second song they played was R.I.P which was flawlessly followed by Let’s Drive Let’s Go. I’m not sure how long I shacked my head for but I was left with neck problems and was physically drained. The last time I felt like that was when I went to Download Festival in 2010 and jumped like crazy to Rage Against the Machine. Sumin’s vocals proved to me that he is a good live performer. The only problem I had with the band’s gig was the technical issues with the sound. It seemed like the venue didn’t really prepare well for the show. There were moments when I couldn’t hear Sumin’s voice. But I guess musicians face this kind of problem each time they play in small venues. So, after the third track there was a forth one All the Patients Let’s Go! followed by Sipalsegi and Idiots vs Psycho. Idiots vs Psycho was definitely my favourite one, I felt like a psycho myself on that floor. I have to admit HyuckJang’s abilities as a keyboardist left me speechless. His fingers moved like the speed of light. PATiENTS performed 8 songs, ending their gig with Kids of Ash. Their performance grabbed me by the throat and totally drove me into a trance. I thought to myself “what are Dead Buttons and Asian Chairshot going to bring to the table next?”

patients 1                                                                     Sumin Jo (PATiENTS)

KWAM                                                                      Hyuckjang Kwon (PATiENTS)

After PATiENTS there was time for Dead Buttons to jump on stage, and guess what, they did it with a big bang! There is only two words to describe the guys: PURE AWESOMENESS! Although there were a few sound problems. They started with Want It and a strong drum beat. Even though the lead vocalist has great vocals it was, somehow, overpowered by the loud drums and guitar. However, when they turned the sound down I could clearly hear Jihyun Hong’s incredible and clean rock and roll voice. The second track, Muddy Water’s cover, Got My Mojo Working rocked my socks off. For a second I thought I would lose my head from all the head banging. “Too much fire” someone shouted in the crowd! Listening to Witch made me think of Glastonbury Festival. It was such a good tune! The power of KangHee’s drumming was astonishing! It was like watching Motley Crue’s drummer, Tommy Lee, in action for a while! The song Baby, Please be Yourself was a fusion of country and rock. It made me think of the country music super star, Johnny Cash. Jihyun Hong broke his string after rocking out too hard on the guitar, I was reminded of the classic moment when Jimi Hendrix broke and burnt his guitar at the London Astoria in 1967. The only difference was Hong didn’t set his own instrument alight (how disappointing). The atmosphere softened when the guys played another cover, this time by The Sonics Have Love Will Travel.  I am seriously not able to write more because they were just too good! I think I will have serious withdrawal symptoms from Dead Buttons. They played four more songs Go Away, Nothing But You, Tired of You and finished their gig with Hangover. When the crowd demanded an encore they were forced to play another track for the hungry fans. I absolutely loved every second of Dead Buttons’ show.

It was done, it was finished and I was devastated until Asian Chairshot kicked off with their performance with Sun followed by What Should I Do? Their sound incorporated 1970s rock with a dash of hypnotising and psychedelic music. The band showed off their talents all the way through the set. Youngwon’s voice was impressive with his well executed high notes. This was shown when they played the song Lullaby. After slowing down the pace they returned to their original sound with a cover of Nirvana’s Breed. This led to a lot of headbanging on my part. The guys played three more songs: Lord of the Basement and Boat Song ending with their latest track Petrifaction which told the story of Kaywan, the drummer, breaking up with a girl. Even though I wasn’t able to understand the lyrics of the song I could feel the passion and emotion in it. It was very well performed. The three bands’ show was marvellous. It proved that Korean indie music is a force to be reckoned with. I hope this means that it will open the door to more talented Korean artists. I look forward to seeing the guys again, but this time in South Korea.

2014-05-09 21.15.51edittag

                                                                       Dead Buttons

2014-05-09 22.21.07edittag

                                                                      Asian Chairshot

Written by Maggie Gogler

Pictures courtesy of Jackphotography



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