“While the core sound of CoreMagaZinE is still synth rock, the band has really matured since the last official release. The album has all the elements that I’ve been looking for. It has a bigger soundscape with each note and beat containing more power than before” – Korean Indie

I haven’t been a fan of CoreMagazine for very long. Nevertheless, it took me just under 3 minutes to become one. How did it happen? I played a game with my  friend, Monica, that we call the Ear’s Candy Time. Once, when I was working on a new project of mine, she sent me a link to CoreMagazine with the caption Ear’s Candy Time- you have to listen to these guys. Without hesitation I clicked on the link. What happened next? You’ll wish you could have seen me. I stood up and jumped around my room like a crazy kid who had just been brought to a candy store. I also ended up singing along with whatever words I could make up on the spot. It was a pitiful picture but I couldn’t just sit still without doing anything right? I was listening to their latest album Rude Banquet and what surprised me the most, was that they sung mostly in English. I like their sound and In- hak’s vocals and I would definitely recommend to listen to the band at any time of the day. We were delighted when CoreMagazine found a bit of time to answer our questions.

View of the Arts: Jung-hun, Dong-hoon, Ki-won, In-hak and Min-kyu did you all grow up wanting to play music? How and when did the whole making music thing come about?

CM: We believe that being a musician is the best job in the world. Some of us grew up waiting to play music. We are glad that we are able to do so.

View of the Arts: Can you shed a little light on who came up with the band name?

CM: Jung-hun came up with the band name. Core means centre and Magazine is the piece that holds the ammunition in a gun. The full meaning is like the centre that holds the explosion.

View of the Arts: You have recently released a full-length album entitled Rude Banquet. What was the creative process like for this release? I heard that you crowdfunded for it.

CM: The recording of the album took about 3 months and it was supported by many fans of CoreMagazine through a crowdfunding platform. We would like to thank them once again. The rewards for participants included tickets for concerts and official merchandise.
We expect Rude Banquet to show a certain direction of CoreMagazine’s music. It would be satisfying if it gets across to the listeners and becomes a hit.

View of the Arts: How hard do you push yourself when it comes to music?

CM: It`s not too hard. It`s fun! That is our job. Every process of making music is a blessing.

coremagazine 2

Min- kyu, Ki- won, In- hak, Jung- hun and Dong- hoon

View of the Arts:  As far as the band as a whole, what are your favourite groups from the past and present? What band has had the most influence, or impact, on you all personally?

Junghun – The Verve, Depeche Mode
Dong hoon – U2
In hak – Incubus
Kiwon – The Killers
Minkyu – The Naked and Famous

View of the Arts: If someone had never heard of your band before, how would you describe yourself to them?

CM: Banquet with unexpected atmosphere just like Madonna.

View of the Arts: Listening to your songs I have noticed that you mostly sing in English. How does this affect your projection inside the Korean Indie music scene? Do you guys get to deliver what you want to say with your songs?

CM: Music globalization took us to sing in English. Despite our English not being good, some of our songs need to be sung in English. It depends on the mood of certain songs.

View of the Arts: In what ways does the place where you live, or places you have lived, affect the music you create, or your taste in music?

CM: Everything that surrounds us is a fountain of inspiration. From childhood memories to the places we are currently living in.

View of the Arts: What are your plans for the future? Any new projects in the pipeline?

CM: We are currently working on songs for our next EP album. We are going to perform our first concert, to promote the new full length album, on Dec 12th.

core magazine 10

Interviewed by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Liz Evans

Picture © Courtesy of the artist

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