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The company behind Kickstarter’s most successful animation project has stepped down today, leaving fans with much to ponder.

Creative Intelligence Arts has decided to leave their project, Under the Dog (UTD), and hand over the management to Kinema Citrus in order to “comply with certain requests from members of the UTD creative team.”

Hiroaki Yura, producer of Under the Dog and CEO of Creative Intelligent Arts, said to fans: “I hope you all understand that I did my best to do what’s right for the project, and I hereby regrettably resign from my post.”

Under the Dog, a sci-fi thriller anime that was originally written by Jiro Ishii in 1997, raised over $878,000 for the project in September 2013, 151% of of the original budget.

The anime’s tragic storyline meant that Creative Intelligent Arts had to go to Kickstarter for funding, as mainstream anime distributors would not readily produce it.


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