What would happen if – in a place where interracial relationships are forbidden – a white Afrikaan woman falls in love with a comely Indian man? Free State by Sallas De Jager is set against the 1979 South African landscape, when the country was under Apartheid and where the rights of the black majority and other ethnic […]

Pottery is as much a philosophy as it is an art form. In Mashiko and Kasama, two regions of Japan which is the home to some of the best potters in the world, this is especially the case. Those that work in these areas spend decades perfecting their craft, refining their skills until they are […]

Many estimated directors have (had) a muse that inspired and encouraged their creations, and Pablo Larrain seems to be no different. It started with Larrain’s second feature and the depiction of human darkness that comes from the obsession with the limelight in Tony Manero (Larrain, 2008), continued with politically-ridden hysteria and violence, imbued with emotion […]

Rosalina Leigh is an ambitious young actress who gained recognition among the indie film goers with her role in Benson Lee’s Seoul Searching. Since this was her first acting role, this must have been a nerve-wrecking experience for Rosalina. Prior to filming, she recorded a casting YouTube video – it was seen by Benson Lee, who later […]

Before embarking on a career as a director, Baek Jae-ho performed as an actor in 17 films. In addition to acting and directing, he now works as a producer, cinematographer and screenwriter; in this respect, Baek Jae-ho is like Bob the Builder of Korean cinema. His recent project and directorial debut, We Will Be Ok, was […]

Benson K. Lee is an award-wining filmmaker whose directorial debut, Miss Monday, was invited to be a part of the Dramatic Competition at the Sundance Film Festival in 1998. The film went on to win a Special Grand Jury Prize for Best Actor: Andrea Hart. A decade later, Lee made his first documentary, Planet B- Boy, […]

“It took me sixteen years to make Seoul Searching and bring it onto the big screen,” Benson Lee admits in the interview for View of the Arts. Seoul Searching, based on the filmmaker’s personal experiences, is an endearing youth comedy which depicts foreign-born teenagers of Korean ancestry learning what it means to be Korean, and […]