Ongals: Babbling Comedy Review

In the winter time, when London is deprived of sunshine and plagued by rain, random snow showers and fog, we all need a moment of respite and this year, Ongals, a comedy show everyone ought to see, came to the rescue. South Korean performers have already taken their homeland by storm and are now conquering Europe with their humorous and rapturous physical comedy. Dressed in oversized baby outfits and with hilarious gesticulations, they have presented Ongals already a staggering 2500 times, in more than 19 countries.

ongals 2

Ongals’ set design arrangement is simple and almost non-existing a big box with the sign ‘TOY’ in the middle of the stage however, using just that, the group skillfully stages their 60-minute show. The performance is fun and will effectively help your state of mind happy faces and relaxed feelings after the show are guaranteed. The comedians act out their jokes well and their amusing interaction with the audience makes the show both entertaining and comical.

The troupe uses childlike gibberish voices, throwing a few English words here and there, but this did not affect the show at all as both youth and adult audiences were easily able to grasp everything that was happening on Soho Theatre’s stage.

ongals soho 1

With playful humour, unexpected and seemingly effortless magical moments I’m still trying to figure out how an empty coke can become full again Ongals: Babbling Comedy will bring out some serious tears of laughter. The quartet had also a great treat awaiting behind the theatre’s curtains an awesome beatboxer whose skills blew the audience’s mind away. The show was nicely paced; while performing some circus tricks, the comedians gave a short break for the audience to get some rest from all the laughter we experienced during the show.

Ongals have been clowning about for over a decade and there is no sign of them slowing down. Without a doubt, they are a South Korean comedic pride and joy and it is worth seeing them whenever and wherever they perform they are superb! Ongals: Babbling Comedy can be seen at Soho Theatre until January 6th, 2018.

Rating: 5 stars

Written by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Sanja Struna

Featured photo © Soho Theatre

All other photos © Soho Theatre and Tristram Kenton

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