The seventh edition of Korea’s top music showcase festival takes place this weekend. From October 5 – 7, 107 bands from nearly 20 countries will be playing at eight different in Hongdae – a very popular area for indie music in Seoul. The highlight of the year for indie music fans in Korea, Zandari Festa continues to draw greater attention from the global music market and this year’s fest will be attended by music industry professionals from 22 countries including people from record labels, concert promoters and staff from festivals like Glastonbury, Primavera Sound, Liverpool Sound City, The Great Escape and many more.

Korean rock bands Pakk and 57 along with punk acts Crying Nut and Full Garage will be playing Zandari Festa showcases this year. We spoke with members from all four bands. Check out their answers below.

Please finish this sentence: “I’m excited to play at Zandari Festa 2018 because …”

Daeinn Kim, (Pakk): The bill we’re on at Rolling Hall is awesome! We’re playing together with the Korean bands Fecundation, Hellivision and Vassline. If you want to experience real rock music, you need to come check out all of these showcases.

Insoo Kim (Crying Nut): This is a chance to make more friends, hear more music, and have more fun. Oh yeah, and a reason to drink more beer and whiskey. I want more, more, more!

Junhong Yoon (57): Zandari Festa is the only showcase festival in South Korea and so many amazing musicians come to it from all over the world.

Keunyoung Lee (Full Garage): This will be our second time performing at Zandari Festa so I have a better idea of what to expect. I’m looking forward to catching up with all the Korean musicians I know on the streets of Hongdae and with the overseas musicians and delegates that I met last time who are returning. Oh, and there’s a ton of free beer at the festival so I’m excited about that.

What do you have planned for your Zandari Festa showcase?

Daeinn Kim (Pakk): We’re going to play with a lot of energy and passion. Come see us and then let’s all drink together afterwards.

Insoo Kim (Crying Nut): It’s top secret! But here’s one hint. It will involve me drinking whiskey and lots of the free beer that Zandari Festa has for all the musicians at the festival.

Junhong Yoon (57): We’re going to play like crazy boiling lava during our showcase. This is something you’re going to want to see!

What advice do you have for foreign bands that will be playing in Korea for the first time at Zandari Festa?

Daeinn Kim (Pakk): If you learn some Korean words or phrases beforehand, Korean audiences will really love you. And if you haven’t had Korean rice wine or soju yet, you need to try them while you’re here.

Insoo Kim (Crying Nut): Bring soju with you everywhere you go. With all of the free beer at the festival, it will be even more fun!

Junhong Yoon (57): Zandari Festa is like Thanksgiving for our local indie scene. Everyone is welcome, so please come, enjoy and make lots of new friends with local and overseas bands and everyone attending from the global music industry.

Keunyoung Lee (Full Garage): The fest’s artist lounge has free beer for musicians all weekend long. So, make sure you visit there whenever you’re thirsty. It’s important to stay hydrated!

What bands should people try to watch at Zandari Festa?

Daeinn Kim (Pakk): Come see Pakk!

Insoo Kim (Crying Nut): The Rodeos from Japan! They are rustic, crazy and so much fun.

Junhong Yoon (57): 57 … we’ll blow your mind!

Keunyoung Lee (Full Garage): Iman’s League from Singapore. They’re a really talented pop-punk band that know how to write good melody line and have a great stage presence.

Zandari Festa puts a strong emphasis on helping musicians – both domestic and international – build relationships that will help them not only in Korea but around the world. We asked British rock band Red Rum Club and Japanese Latin-flavoured punk band The Rodeos about some of the things they’re looking forward to experiencing at the event.

Why are you excited to travel to Korea to play at Zandari Festa?

Tom Williams (Red Rum Club): We can’t wait to see the South Korean sights, discover new music and network!

Taiki Kikuchi, (The Rodeos): This will be our first time performing in Korea and we hear that Korean women are very beautiful.

Why should people come see your showcase at Zandari Festa?

Tom Williams (Red Rum Club): They should come and see what we have to offer and they won’t be disappointed. An upbeat, catchy, memorable set is what people should expect!

Taiki Kikuchi (The Rodeos): They should come because we’re going to play our best show ever!

Who do you want to see play at Zandari Festa?

Tom Williams (Red Rum Club): We want to catch Hot Soles, Loge Ssega, False Advertising and Burning Hepburn. We’re looking forward to discovering lots of new bands and artists!

Taiki Kikuchi (The Rodeos): Anita Parker from Basque Country and as many Korean bands as possible

Learn more about Zandari Festa on the festival’s official website here: 

Written by Maia Parker

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