ATEEZ, a K-Pop group from South Korea, has launched into the world with a big bang. With over 10 million hits on their music videos and an upcoming March US tour, the group has no plans of slowing down. On the contrary, after the US, ATEEZ will hit the road again, but this time in Europe.

Woo-young, Jong-ho and Min-gi – Photo © KQ Entertainment 

Consisting of 8 members, Hong-joong, Seong-hwa, Yun-ho, Yeo-sang, San, Min-gi, Woo-young and Jong-ho, ATEEZ’s shows, dubbed The Expedition Tour, will begin on April 3rd in the city of lights, London, followed by Lisbon, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, Milan, Budapest, Stockholm, Warsaw and ending in Moscow.

The most incredible thing is that the group’s concerts were initiated by a huge wave of fans who, by using MyMusicTaste – an online service that brings fans, promoters and artists together – they created a petition that brought ATEEZ to Europe. Overwhelmed by the interests of fans in major European cities, the group and MyMusicTaste joined forces to organise the tour.

Music Video © KQ Entertainment 

Under KQ Entertainment, the boy group is already known not only for their well-choreographed shows but also their producing skills. ATEEZ, even before their debut, quickly become a sensation after their YouTube series, KQ Fellaz Exciting USA Training, were watched by hundreds of thousands of people, in addition to their practice videos being seen by over 2 million viewers.

It’s extraordinary to see such a young group of men, who only debuted in October last year, are strongly making their way into Europe and the US. Thanks to their great talent, ATEEZ have become a main player in the K-pop scene, ‘chasing after’ BTS’ success, and we would not be surprised if they reached the same level of achievement as BTS in a couple of years or so.

San, Yeo-sang and Seong-hwa – Photo © KQ Entertainment 

ATEEZ also impressed with their astonishing dance choreography, which is particularly seen in their latest video HALA HALA (Hearts Awakened, Live Alive)The impeccable synchronization and fast movements bear resemblance to the LA-based dance group Kinjaz – that’s how good ATEEZ are. As none of the mentioned European cities have seen the boy band performing live, we can’t wait to see them deliver a great show, and showcase their incredible vocals – no pressure…

Hong-joong and Yun-ho – Photo © KQ Entertainment 

Here are the ATEEZ’s European tour dates. Don’t miss out on getting tickets to one of their shows.

ATEEZ - The Expedition Tour in Europe Poster.jpg

Tour Poster © KQ Entertainment and MyMusicTaste

Written by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Roxy Simons



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