K-pop Fever in London: Seven O’Clock Announces World Tour in April

Korea’s powerful music industry produces new stars every day, conquering not only home-grown music markets but also Asian, North, and South American markets as well as the one in Europe, including the United Kingdom. K-Pop is widely appreciated in Europe and it is still, and probably will remain, a global phenomenon. The fact that something like K-Pop has reached people thousands of miles away from its homeland, and settled in people’s hearts in Europe and beyond, goes to show that it has an unmistakable influence. This year, London will welcome many K-Pop concerts, including Seven O’Clock, an emerging boy group already with a respectable number of followers.


Seven O’clock © Forest Network 

Under Staro Entertainment, Seven O’clock officially debuted in March 2017 with their mini album Butterfly Effect, however, after a few changes, in September 2018, they moved to their new agency Forest Network and released another mini album entitled #7. As of January 2019, they consist of six members: Han-gyeomHyunIsoul, Jeong-gyu, Tae-young, and Andy.

Versatile in singing and rapping, the group are getting ready to rock their fans’ socks off in Europe in April. Apart from the aforementioned talents, the group’s leader Han-gyeom is a promising composer, songwriter, and producer, he wrote the lyrics to Searchlight, showing off his talents and artistic freedom.

Music Video © Forest Network & Seven O’clock 

Seven O’clock’s music videos have reached over a million views in just a few months, and their newest digital single Get Away attracted over 40,000 views within 48 hours from its release – quite impressive for such a young group. Without a doubt, they’re steadily making their mark in the K-pop world.

When they are not busy promoting their music, they find pleasure in different activities. As there are six of them, they all like various things to do from dancing and watching films to cooking and watching baseball matches.

With their sunny personalities and great stage presence, we are looking forward to welcoming Seven O’clock (The Beyond World Tour) in London soon. You can purchase the tickets on Europe Beyond website – from £32 for General Admission to £135 for V.I.P ticket. Don’t miss out on seeing the group in the capital on April 6th, 2019.


Seven O’clock © Forest Network 

Written by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Roxy Simons




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