FNC Entertainment surely has a great set of eyes for recognizing talent. The company, founded in 2006 by the singer and record producer Han Seong-ho, houses artists whose singing and acting abilities are beyond outstanding, not to mention their lineup of some of the most successful comedians and MC’s in the business. One of FNC Ent.’s newer talents is SF9, a boy group which debuted three years ago with their single album Feeling Sensation. Within a short period of time, the boys achieved success both on the domestic and the overseas market; not only that, they recently secured the title of Billboard’s 2019 KPop Breakout Pick.

Photo © FNC Entertainment 

In 2017, SF9 released their 1st mini album Burning Sensation, which became a sensation of its own – the album reached 6th place on the respected Billboard World Albums Charts. A few months after the release of Burning Sensation, the group launched their 2nd mini album, Breaking Sensation, which ranked second on the US K-pop Album Chart. With all the success, SF9 went on to promote their music in other countries, including Japan, Mexico and Brasil, where their newly formed fan-base welcomed them with open arms. In July 2018, the boys released their 5th EP Sensuous, which was enthusiastically welcomed by many people.

Photo © FNC Entertainment 

There is no doubt that SF9 is no average group; not only do they represent K-pop, but they also combine various genres in their music, from electro-pop and house to Latin-pop and even 60’s rock, which makes them stand out from other, more mainstream K-pop artists and idols. Now, with a selection of awards under their belts, SF9 is determined to take their career further into the world and show just how unique they are. The group which consists of nine strapping members – Young-bin, In-seong, Jae-yoon, Da-won, Zuho, Ro-woon, Tae-yang, Hwi-young and Chani – is about to embark on the US and European tour, including London. 

Photo © FNC Entertainment 

On April 19th, SF9 will begin their 2019 SF9 USAㆍEUROPE LIVE TOUR [UNLIMITED] to promote their comeback album Narcissus; the tour will start in Chicago and end in London on May 12th. With 8 million to 16 million views on their music videos and hundreds of thousands of fans around the world, SF9 is set to put on an impressive show.

The tickets for the group’s concert will be available from March 11th on on My Music Taste website or, later in March, on O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire’s website.

Photo © FNC Entertainment 

Written by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Sanja Struna


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