In Conversation with Model Jeong Hee-soo

Jeong Hee-soo is always dashing and enchanting even in street style clothes, you simply can’t take your eyes off him. Born and raised in South Korea, the model has been working in fashion for quite some time. Signed with four different modelling agencies – A.Conic in South Korea, Brave in Italy, Diva Models in Denmark and Synregy in Hong Kong – Jeong Hee-soo knows how to rock the fashion world.

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Jeong Hee-soo © A.Conic 

With various campaigns, including Timberland Hong Kong, editorial work, including Switch Magazine, fashion shows for Ordinary PeopleBlindness, Luciano Vanotti, 51 Percent and the 2018 Asia Model Festival K-Model Award under his belt, it seems like nothing can stop this young man from achieving huge success. With his eyes set on the film industry, Jeong Hee-soo is working hard towards his acting career by training and preparing for auditions.

The model also finds pleasure in playing basketball and catching up with friends. Not affected by the new trends, he likes to keep it simple or to take step by step before accepting the latest fashion styles. With his smart appearance and being well-spoken, Jeong Hee-soo is one of those models, and soon actors, you wish to be around.

Photo © Courtesy of the photographer 

Do you remember the first moment when you felt that your future should lie in the fashion business?

Yes, [I do]. It was 6 years ago, immediately after going to the army. As you know, Korean men have to serve in the army for about two years; and it was after conscription that I felt that I should become a fashion model.

Fashion trends change rapidly, no matter the country or style. What are the fashion trends you love the most this year?

I think neat, simple, and dandy clothes are the best, but I always want to include an aspect, some focal points, that would make me look special. Brands that I like are Dior, Homme and Burberry.

You are signed with 4 different modelling agencies, your mother agency in Korea – A.Conic, Milano Brave Models in Italy, Diva Models in Copenhagen and Synergy Models in Hong Kong. How different is the modelling in Europe and Hong Kong to the one in Korea?

To be honest, they are completely different. First, I think the European market is much bigger than the others, and therefore there are more opportunities within Europe than Asia. However, at times, it also means that there are problems getting these opportunities. Korean models are really popular in Hong Kong, which is why I think there are so many chances for us, Koreans, out there.

As for Korean modelling, if we have a good perception of our own colours and style, there’d be many more chances up for grabs. All in all, if we follow the latest fashion trends, I think we can do very well in any country.

Jeong Hee-soo © A.Conic 

Do you feel that you are open to all styles, or is there a concept that you feel fits who you are?

I like to maintain my image as it is, but I am open to embracing new things little by little. Big changes in style are not my thing.

Let’s talk about your beauty regimen: how do you keep yourself healthy? Do you have any tips for our readers?

I exercise regularly on weekdays and play in a basketball team on the weekends. I think the most important thing is to have your basics down: regular exercise, healthy eating habits, and a normal sleep pattern.

Modelling industry is known to be harsh; how do you perceive the Korean modelling industry? Is there anything you really wish would change?

Wherever I go in the world – in the art(s) market, including modelling work, and outside of it – it’s equally harsh for everyone and chances are few and far between. Honestly, it would be great if things could change and the art(s) market could be more open, but if it can’t, it’s sensible to quickly accept the status quo and compete with your own [brand of] weapons.


Photo © Courtesy of the photographer 

Is there any habit you have before you walk out on the stage or in front of a camera for a fashion shoot?

Self-hypnosis. I think of myself as being the most beautiful one, the coolest, and therefore a more attractive and self-confident form of myself emerges.

What do you think is your greatest strength as a model?

I think it’s my angular face shape.

Which part of your job as a model do you find the most difficult? And which is the most rewarding?

Consistent self-management seems to be the most difficult. For example, when you have to hold back and can’t eat what you want to it’s definitely painful. However, it’s most rewarding when you see the good results after hard work and all that endurance.

What is your favourite thing to do on a day off?

I like to meet my friends, have coffee, chat while drinking some alcohol… and every Sunday I play basketball.

American designer Bill Blass once said, “When in doubt, wear red.” Red is generally established as the colour that brings out confidence. Which is the colour – or colours – you find yourself the most comfortable wearing, and which colour(s) give you confidence?

I like both black and white, they are my favourite colours.

As a modelling career is relatively short; do you have any plans for the future when you leave the industry?

I originally dreamed of being an actor, so now I am taking acting lessons in preparation for going to auditions and becoming one. And I am planning a café business venture.

Do you have any new projects in the pipeline? Fashion show, fashion shoot or perhaps something else?

I am now preparing for movie auditions as an actor.

Jeong Hee-soo © A.Conic 

We’d like to thank A.Conic for their assistance in the interview and to Jeong Hee-soo who kindly took the time to answer our questions.

Written and interviewed by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Roxy Simons

Featured photo © Courtesy of the photographer






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