A fried chicken restaurant and a highly incompetent narcotic squad – what could possibly go wrong? Extreme Job is Lee Byeong-heon’s newest production that has unexpectedly become the second highest grossing film in the history of Korean cinema, with over $120 million box-office profit against a $5.8 million budget – it is no wonder that a Hollywood […]

In the colorful world of Japanese manga live-action adaptations and musical-themed film productions, we can find a series of films that center around pop- and rock-bands that practically ooze ‘ikemen’ (good looking men) by the seams, while there is an (un)surprising lack of such films centering on female music groups. The reason for that lies […]

Japanese director Shunji Muguruma may be on the brink of turning 50, but his work is all about the youth. He started out as a Japanese TV drama director, then switched to cinema where he both wrote and directed most of his projects. While making his 2016 production Little Performer: The Pulse of Winds, he […]