There is no denying that South Korean K-Pop has become a global phenomenon, but it is not the only one that captured the Western audience’s attention: Korean rock and pop-rock music are also getting steadily more popular. While K-Pop tends to be over-hyped and over-manufactured at times, K-Rock surprisingly does not require such promotion. With its ambitious content, including easier-to-relate to lyrics from everyday life and the musicians’ more natural looks, K-rockers seem to be overall a lot more approachable than K-Pop idols. Furthermore, with the sophisticated musical accompaniment, composition, guitar strumming that blends with the raw drum beats, but with all of the polish of the K-world, K-Rock has finally began to find a place in the markets outside of Asia, leaving no doubt that it will make for a strong competitor to K-Pop. One of the most promising K-Rock groups to enter the global market of late is The Rose, a band that hit the viral music scene in 2017, with their song Sorry.

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Prior to funding The Rose, Jae-hyeong (sub-vocals and bass), Do-joon (main vocals, keyboards, acoustic guitar) and Ha-joon (drums and sub-vocals) formed indie band Windfall and successfully written their own songs and music. Later on, they took Woo-sung (leader, lead singer and electric guitar) on board and together, they formed The Rose in 2016. The band smoothly won over both domestic and international fans and successfully released their first singles Sorry and Like We Used To in 2017, followed by 2018 EPs Void and Down. In August 2019, The Rose published a single album called Red which quickly found its way to the hearts of their fans. The group does not require any grand introduction since the band’s profound songwriting, passion and sincerity towards their own music as well as their fans speak for themselves.

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After a successful European tour last year, The Rose has commenced their biggest world tour to date. Now that they concluded their US tour, they announced that the group, as a part of their world tour, will perform in 11 European cities, including two concerts in London this November. The Rose’s tour was initially started by fans who created a viral movement on, and as the result of the ever-growing number of requests from the fans, the band partnered with MyMusicTaste to meet with their avid European audience. The tickets will be available soon via tour management.

The Rose – We Rose You Live in Europe schedule :

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