KCCUK Presents ‘Hallyu Con 2020 Live in London’

Hallyu, also known as the Korean Wave, has become a socio-cultural phenomenon associated with the growing popularity of South Korean culture. From K-pop music to films and TV dramas, all of these industries swiftly took over the foreign market. Although Korean films and dramas are successful, it’s K-pop that spreads the most among Western audiences, helping – at the same time – to promote Korean cuisine, fashion, computer games, K-beauty and literature. It is not clandestine that the popularity of the Korean Wave serves to strengthen the South Korean brand as “a democratic, technologically advanced, economically innovative and culturally attractive state.” With K-pop adding billions of Won into the economy, it’s easy to see that the K-Wave can only become bigger from now on. 

Music Video © Beat Interactive

Having said that, 2020 has been a very challenging year for the entertainment industry. Nevertheless, where there is a problem, there is a solution. Various K-artists found a way to stay connected with their fans not only in Korea, but also those based abroad. With the help of technology, more K-pop groups turned to the internet and online events to keep themselves visible and busy. Online fan meetings, concerts and simple socializing via the net has become the ‘new normal’. And to keep us more engaged with the music world, the Korean Cultural Centre UK, alongside the Korean Wave Community (K-Events, My Wave Collective, UK BTS ARMATION), and with the support from the Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange and Hallyu Com-On, will present the Hallyu Con 2020 on October 4th

Music Video © A Team Entertainment 

The online event will celebrate Korean culture, including performances by K-Pop idols such as VAV, A.C.E, Alexa and AlphaBAT. In addition, PLT’s members, Jinwoo and Moti, will show off their talents on that day. Sonnet Son, a winner of The Voice of Korea, will sing her heart out too. Apart from the previously mentioned artists, there will also be performances by independent singers such as ID:Earth and Turning Table. The viewers will also be able to learn more about traditional K-music from the folk assemble Micro Universe. 

Although this is a one-day online event, there will be a lot happening. Aside from music, there will also be a Korean beauty segment presented by Maree Kinder, the founder and CEO of Beauty & Seoul. In addition, other aspects of Korean culture will be shown on October 4th, such as fashion, cinematography and dance. The Hallyu Con 2020 will be live-streamed directly from London through KCCUK’s YouTube channel. The Director of the Korean Cultural Centre UK, Jungwoo Lee, said:

“The festival will be an opportunity to introduce a new side of Korea to UK audiences and reveal how Korea has become a cultural hub that is connecting people across the world.” 

Music Video © LOEN Entertainment 

The Hallyu Con 2020 will also join hands with a UK charity, Children and Families Across Borders (CFAB), to raise money in support of those in need during the pandemic caused by COVID-19. Viewers will be able to donate to the good cause while watching the event online. It is worth mentioning that the entire event is free of charge, so wherever you are, make sure you tune into The Hallyu Con 2020. 

Written by Maggie Gogler 

Featured photo © KCCUK & Hallyu Con 2000

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