Dreamcatcher Returns to the Live Stage With Their 2022 Album Mini-Concert 

Dreamcatcher, the dark horse and concept shattering girl group of K-pop has returned with news of a comeback and mini-concert. The girl group is set to take the stage with a simultaneous offline and online event. Dreamcatcher 2nd Album [Apocalypse: Save Us] Mini Concert is set to take place on April 12th at 7:30PM KST. 

This mini-concert revolves around their 2nd Album, [Apocalypse: Save Us], marking this as another milestone in their growth as the queens of online concerts and live performances. The full-length album is set to have a tracklist of more than eight songs, introducing a new side of themselves and the start of a new era – Apocalypse after their previous Nightmare and Dystopia series storylines. 

From their live band concerts to their themed events with Halloween and dystopian aesthetics, the girls have evolved with online concerts in using groundbreaking XR technology for new stages. They’re gearing up for another mind-blowing concert with the added joy of having fans present in person, taking the stage to another level. 

With their previous online concert bringing in over 10,000 fans, the girls are expected to break barriers once again with their in-person concert being streamed globally for their fans from all over the world to tune into. 

They’ve garnered attention with their Billboard World Digital Song Sales Chart hit Odd Eye and their previous releases of chart-topping hits like BOCA, Scream, and BEcause. From strong dynamic tracks with powerful vocals to beautiful soft ballads, Dreamcatcher has captured the hearts of music fans both domestically and internationally. 

The group is preparing to meet their fans face-to-face with their concert on April 12th at 7:30PM KST in Seoul, but global fans can also tune into the concert online to meet Dreamcatcher and enjoy the show together in real-time. Dreamcatcher 2nd Album [Apocalypse: Save Us] Mini-Concert is set to reunite InSomnia (fandom name) with Dreamcatcher once again, as they start off the year of activities alongside their next new series. 

For this concert, Dreamcatcher continues their collaboration with MyMusicTaste, a technology-forward platform that breaks the barriers set by the pandemic and brings fans and artists together to create a new way of connection. All offline in-person events follow local jurisdiction protocols to ensure a safe environment for the artist, fans, and staff present at the venue. 

Dreamcatcher’s seven members: JI U, SU A, SIYEON, HANDONG, YOOHYEON, DAMI, GAHYEON 

Further information regarding online ticketing and the show itself can be found on MyMusicTaste.

For Fanclub offline tickets, information can be found on Melon Tickets: https://mmt.fans/hE3B

For general offline tickets, information can be found on Yes24. (Sales for general offline ticketing begin on March 31 at 8PM KST.) 

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