Give In to the Groove – JAY B of GOT7 to Embark on a Long-awaited European Tour “Tape: Press Pause”

What makes a member of a K-pop group pursue a solo career? Is it the urge to perform their own material and maintain control over their artistry? Or is it something else? There are many K-pop groups that often don’t stand the test of time, and while some decide to leave the entertainment industry, a few manage to embark on a solo career. However, going on your own while still being a part of a K-pop group is a fundamental decision that will undoubtedly affect an artist’s musical journey. That sort of voyage can be very rewarding, but for some, it can also be a lonely journey. But this is not the case for JAY B, a member of GOT7. 

JAY B’s adventure with music began way before GOT7’s debut, when he became a part of the JJ Project alongside one of his future group members, Jinyoung. Prior to joining GOT7 and becoming the group’s leader, the artist made his small-screen debut in the drama series Dream High 2 in 2012, followed by When a Man Falls In Love in 2013. 

Image © 2022 Onion Production

In 2021, the artist released his first solo EP, Somo:Fume. And in September of this year, JAY B’s latest EP, Be Yourself, unveiled the artist’s lyrical talent and demonstrated his crystalline voice. JAY B’s voice is truly unique due to the combination of tone, cadence, and pitch – his tonal control is one of his best attributes as a singer. 

In December, JAY B will embark on a long-awaited European tour called Tape: Press Pause, including stops in London (14.12), Paris (15.12), Frankfurt (17.12), Munich (19.12), and Amsterdam (20.12). The artist’s London show will take place at the Indigo at The O2, which has previously hosted talents such as NELLY, Shaggy, En Vouge, Donell Jones, NEXT, and RUFF ENDZ, just to name a few. 

The aforementioned tour has been organised thanks to Onion Production and JAY B’s agency, CDNZA Records.

Tickets can be obtained via or through Indigo at The O2’s website

Details of the show can be found here:

Written by Maggie Gogler

Featured image © 2022 CDNZA Records

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