In the winter time, when London is deprived of sunshine and plagued by rain, random snow showers and fog, we all need a moment of respite – and this year, Ongals, a comedy show everyone ought to see, came to the rescue. South Korean performers have already taken their homeland by storm and are now […]

Mark Drake is a highly versatile actor whose extensive experience of playing a broad range of roles for film, television and theatre is impressive. Mark latest achievements include Game of Thrones, Love & Other Chairs (short), Night Bus (feature), Two Days In The Smoke (feature), The Water’s Edge and many more interesting productions. He always […]

  Shakespeare, Shakespeare who doesn’t like Shakespeare? He was one of the most prominent poets, writers and actors of the sixteenth century.He wrote approximately 40 plays, 154 sonnets and various different works. It seems like everyone wants to experience Shakespeare’s world nowadays. Most of his plays have been performed on stage and made into films.There are over 420 feature films […]

The Hollow Crown is a series of adaptations celebrating William Shakespeare’s greatest history plays: Richard II, Henry IV part one and two and Henry V. The series, directed by Rupert Goold, Richard Eyre and Thea Sharrock respectively, was made in correlation with the 2012 Olympics as part of the Cultural Olympiad. The first of the […]

Eugene O’Neill’s American drama centre’s around the hardships of the Tyrone family. The play, directed by Anthony Paige, is filled with complex and harrowing emotions on all parts. Each character is battling their own demons and it is only after some time that the audience is exposed to them with incredible vigour. James Tyrone is […]

Collaborators, written by John Hodge (Screenwriter of Trainspotting and The Beach), is an interesting look into Stalin’s Russia through the eyes of Mikhail Bulgakov, one of Russia’s most controversial authors. Bulgakov is portrayed by Alex Jennings (The Queen) whilst Simon Russell Beale (The Deep Blue Sea) tackles the role of Stalin. The production centre’s around a […]

Botho Strauss’s German play Gross und Klein, or as it is translated Big and Small, is the latest production from the Sydney Theatre Company. The play is set in West Germany and stars the delicate and stunning Cate Blanchett in the lead role as Lotte and centre’s around her struggle to find sanctuary in her […]

  The theatre has always been a passion of mine, I love how well the actors and the play can take me away, and introduce me to, a new world. The world of John Webster’s Duchess of Malfi, brought brilliantly on stage by Jamie Lloyd, is set in 17th century Italy. The play tells the […]

Mark Paul Krawczyk is a Polish-American actor who received a BS in Theatre from Towson University,he also received a MFA in Acting from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas.He currently lives in the Baltimore area where he teaches at George Washington Carver Centre for Arts and Technology, whilst also continuing to perform for the theatre. Mark […]