Exceedingly open-minded, outspoken and humerous, who else could it be but No Brain, a Korean punk rock band founded in 1996. Often called “the godfathers of the Korean punk scene”, No Brain is comprised of Woo-yong (Bass), Hyun-seong (Drums), Min-jun (Guitar) and Sung-woo (Vocals). Whenever I see their shows, there is always a thrilling atmosphere in the […]

In 2013, London Evening Standard cited that the Korean Music Festival was “original, powerful and thrilling like nothing you have heard before.” It took further two years before the London Korean Cultural Centre, in association with Serious, co-ordinated more stirring celebration of live contemporary and traditional music. London has already introduced to us the vigorous […]

EE are an imaginative, vigorous and “total art performance group”. The husband-and-wife duo, who hail from South Korea, have been rocking their audience’s socks off since 2008. Yun-Joung Lee and Hyun-Joon Lee effortlessly merge art, music and dance together and then formulate it into a one of a kind, high powered performance. Yun-Joung is no […]

Hugh Keice, born in Seoul, is a singer- songwriter who frequently travels to the UK and Europe to perform his incredibly interesting music. He earned an MA in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship at Goldsmiths, University of London in 2010. In the same year he released his debut mini- album entitled When Summer Holds The Rain, […]