I have to admit that I have never been interested in reading sci-fi books until I got METAWARS in my hands. It took me 48 hours to read the entire book which, in my opinion, was a record! METAWARS written by Jeff Norton is a story of two worlds: the Millenials and the Guardians. The […]

Lev Beniov- a teenager living in Leningrad besieged by the Germans. After his father’s disappearance, somewhere in the city, Lev has to cope on his own, fighting for food and money. The boy is caught looting a corpse and is dragged to jail where he faces the death penalty. He shares his cell with a […]

“Birdy” is a story of childhood friendship, war, obsession and mental illness. The novel takes place in a suburb of Philadelphia prior to World War II. It is narrated by Al, an all-American Italian boy turned man, who has been best friends with the main character, Birdy, since early childhood. Birdy is a genius obsessed […]