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Maggie Gogler is a freelance film producer, production manager, arts journalist, film critic and she also works with children. She has a passion for Korean and World Cinema as well as music, arts and fashion. Maggie has been interested in cinema since she was 15 and discovered love for Korean films in 2004 when she saw Kim Ki Duk’s The Isle. She supports British and Asian independent film-making and enjoys producing creative and interesting projects. Maggie is the co-founder of View of the Arts and one of the main contributors.



Sanja Struna is a freelance translator, film journalist, writer, an avid reader and a perpetual dreamer. She loves cinema in general, but fell especially in love with Korean cinema some odd years ago – and never looked back. She now spends a solid portion of the year travelling the world, discovering great new (and old) films at various global (and local) film festivals. Sanja is a member of FIPRESCI and one of the main contributors and the chief editor of View of the Arts.



Roxy Simons is a journalist who has been in love with all things Japanese ever since she first set her eyes on Sailor Moon at the age of five. Since then she has become fascinated with the culture, cuisine, and history of the country, and has a particular obsession with Rurouni Kenshin, Shaman King, and Bakuman. When she’s not watching things to review or playing Touken Ranbu, she can be found plotting her next trip to Japan. Roxy is the co-founder of View of the Arts and the copy editor of View of the Arts.



Ajda Rozina is an English and Korean Studies graduate who is currently in the midst of trying to further her Korean skills by saying ‘hello, ‘please,’ and ‘thank you’ to any ajumma she encounters in South Korea. Her teacher may not be impressed, but she is not deterred since the kind ajummas always say ‘한국어를 정말 하시네요! (You speak Korean very well!). She enjoys singing loudly (and off-key) in the shower and collecting argyle socks. She is View of the Arts‘ translator (English-Korean; Korean-English). 






Having worked in the film industry for almost a decade, Mickey considers her passion for cinema to be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Her heart runs headfirst towards East Asian cinema, LGBTQ+ cinema, and schlocky low budget horror flicks. If she’s not dancing in the crowd at a K-pop gig then you’ll find her wrapped up in a blanket on her couch having a movie marathon.


Ana Šturm

Ana Šturm is a historian and sociologist with a special interest in the invisible affairs of the everyday life. A pluviophile, dendrophile, anglophile and – most of all – cinephile. Lost in movies, addicted to coffee, ginger and first snow. She writes about movies, works at the movies and organizes events and festivals so that others can watch movies. In 2015 she attended Berlinale and Sarajevo Talent Campus for young film critics. She is a member of the editorial board of the Ekran magazine and a founding member, and since 2017 main host of the first Slovene film and popular culture themed podcast FilmFlow.



Abi Aherne is a recent graduate from the University of Winchester, where she studied Film Production and Film Studies. She’s an aspiring screenwriter/writer and loves writing about all things film. She especially has a taste for story-telling that is dramatic, emotional and based on empathy. In her free time, you can find her travelling or exploring art galleries.



Narine Chalabi is a freelance photographer who loves to capture the reactions and interactions between artists and their fans. She first got into the concert photography back in 2015 when she took a camera along with her to The London Korean Festival and captured F(x) and Guckkasten live. The same year she also photographed MIYAVI and One Ok Rock. Narine is View of the Arts‘ live music photographer.


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Maggie and Sanja recently decided to take another step forward; together, they founded a sister website to ‘View of the Arts’, called ‘View of Korean Cinema’. If you like Korean cinema or if you are curious and wish to explore new cinematic worlds, you can find us at https://viewofkoreancinema.com/

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  1. Really like the content of your website. Some v interesting reviews. Looks great too!

  2. Hello Roxy and Maggie – I’m Emily Morrison and I work with Constellation Theatre Company. We’d love to invite you to our upcoming shows! In April we present a 1926 animated female filmmaker by Lotte Reiniger, The Adventures of Prince Achmed, with live musical accompaniment by Tom Teasley. Then in May, we stage the play Metamorphoses. What is the best way to reach you? I can be found on emilylovemorrison@me.com. Thanks! Love your site!

  3. Hi Roxy and Maggie, big fan of your blog! I’m promoting a
    new and dynamic London film festival – Let’s All Be Free film
    festival – and I was wondering if either of you would be interested
    in writing about it on here? Is there an email address that I can
    send some information about our festival to?

  4. Hello Roxy and Maggie! I really enjoyed contents from your Blog. It’s very honest and always find new things from your blog. Also, I read the interview with Love X Stereo Too! My name is Eun Ji Kim from Sounth Korea. I’m a Manager of team ” Nice Legs”. They are releasing Second Album soon and it will be an huge honor if u guys write about them. Here is Band Camp Link- http://wearenicelegs.bandcamp.com/releases Let Me know If you are Interested!!

  5. Hi guys, what email address are you on?

  6. U are famous in China now. UR article about 鸡你太美 had made a hot topic and it’s really funny.
    U are represented the famous foreign newsman in China.


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