After a lengthy hiatus, Lee Eon-hie finally grabbed a pen and paper – as well as camera – and created (with some help from Hong Eun-mi) her first thriller Missing, which features two well-known Korean actresses: Uhm Ji-won (Master, The Silenced, Wish) and Kong Hyo-jin (Single Rider, Boomerang Family, Crush and Blush). Missing depicts a story […]


There is a high possibility that in a little under a week, the first Hungarian short film in over fifty years will find itself on the list of the prestigious Academy Awards nominations –  Sing (also Mindenki), the  excellent 25-minute short about the competitive world of children’s choirs that is based on a true story […]


I have to admit that the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona wrung almost everything he possibly could from Patrick Ness’ fantasy novel A Monster Calls. Even though the novel is short, it is very rich in content; and that is what the audience gets to see on the big screen: the filmmaker serves the viewers […]


It is a fine line, the one walked on by people in positions of power; the one that divides true leadership from the abuse of power that happens when the ones that are supposed to lead fall prey to temptation – and find very little reservation before wielding whatever power they possess over the weak. […]


It has been 45 years since in 1971, George Lucas conceived an idea for a space fantasy film that has in the following years taken on many a transformation – at first, it was supposed to be a feature set in the Flash Gordon universe – and has undergone several treatments, before it finally found […]


Maude Hirst, the daughter of Michael Hirst – a screenwriter and producer (Elizabeth, Elizabeth: The Golden Age, The Tudors, Vikings) – started her acting career with the role of Sophie in 2008’s Crush and Curry, a fast-paced comedy drama which was followed by 2009’s Nuryan, where she portrayed Ellie. From 2008 to 2010, Maude played […]


Disney’s animations, alongside Marvel’s unputdownable films, have dominated the big screen for years; nevertheless, it is Disney’s productions that I find more appealing. Disney’s films are simply meant for everyone, and that’s how the new work from Ron Clements and John Musker comes through; Moana is full of humour, action, great pace and sheer adventure; the […]