There are over 11 million of unauthorised immigrants in the United States, including 5.6 million Mexicans who labour in fields, restaurant kitchens and factories. When not caught and sent to detention centres and courts, they try to survive under the radar, away from immigration officers while chasing their “American Dream”. The Founding Fathers may have […]

Fall is here, and if you’re an indie music fan in Korea that means you’re definitely excited about one thing – Zandari Festa! Now in its sixth year, Korea’s largest music showcase festival has developed a great reputation both at home and abroad as a fantastic opportunity to check out some of the country’s top […]

Here it is, here it is, hear me jump with joy! The 2nd London East Asia Film Festival has announced its programme and it looks amazing! LEAFF’s successful previous edition has led to its second year, and the festival is getting more and more attention. The 2nd LEAFF will run from 19th to 29th of […]

The London Korean Film Festival (LKFF) announced its line-up for the 12th edition of the festival, which will take place from 26 October to 19 November 2017, with the main venue in central London and tours to Glasgow, Manchester, Sheffield, Nottingham and Belfast. The programme will include several UK and International premieres, with a special […]

Argentinian film director Natalia Garagiola wrote and directed 3 short films between 2011 and 2014, two of which (Mares and Parakeets, 2012 and Sundays, 2014) premiered at Festival de Cannes. Her debut feature, Hunting Season (Temporada de Caza, 2017), premiered during the International Critics’ Week of the 74th Venice International Film Festival – and promptly won […]

Imagine how hard your life can get sometimes… Can you imagine just how much more difficult it can get for ex-criminals? They face insurmountable challenges if they want to get their lives back on track. Even so, Francois Troukens managed to defy the odds and proved that nothing is impossible. He is now a reformed ex-convict-turned-writer-director […]

Born in Russia and based in Australia, Alena Lodkina has started her filmmaking odyssey by directing documentaries and short productions which were screened at festivals around the globe, including at Melbourne International Film Festival, Antenna Documentary Festival and Belo Horizonte International Short Film Festival. Her feature debut project Strange Colours, alongside with Mazen Khaled’s Martyr, premiered in Biennale […]