When SHAUN, a South Korean singer-songwriter and producer, released Way Back Home in 2018, the lead single from his debut EP, Take, he took the music charts by storm. The song itself has a catchy melody and a simple, yet heartfelt, message that resonates with many listeners. SHAUN’s vocals are soft and emotive, conveying a […]

FIFTY FIFTY, a South Korean girl group consisting of Saena, Aran, Keena, and Sio, debuted in November last year. They grabbed the attention of an overseas audience when they released Higher, a single from their first EP, The Fifty. The song’s mid-tempo not only displayed the girls’ charming vocals but also showcased the group’s harmonies.  […]

Yao Zhongren, a.k.a. MC HotDog, is an award-winning Hip-hop artist from Taiwan and has been in the music business for over 20 years. MC HotDog has a unique flow and delivery, setting him apart from other Taiwanese rappers. Not only does he have a distinctive voice, but he also knows how to use it to […]

Crash Course in Romance proved that a K-drama doesn’t need extraordinary special effects to reach the hearts of its viewers.  Produced by Studio Dragon, the 16-episode show was broadcasted on tvN (available on Netflix in the UK) in the slot previously occupied by the hit drama Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow — a challenge […]

Hollywood has always been a clear destination for actors – it’s the “Hollywood dream” that many performers hope for, signifying the height of their career. However, popularity can also be gained in other parts of the world, including Thailand. Although success is measured differently, it is still a noteworthy accomplishment, especially in a country where […]

A crown prince, a too-smart-for-her-time girl from a noble family, a destined love, and an intriguing mystery: these are the main ingredients behind the success of Our Blooming Youth, the new historical drama produced by Studio Dragon, which premiered on February 6th on tvN, and is also available – in selected regions – on Amazon […]

JUNNY, a Canadian-Korean artist, debuted 6 years ago with the EP Monochrome, and established himself as a note-worthy R&B singer-songwriter. Whenever he performs, JUNNY knows how to enchant his audience with atmospheric and engaging shows.  Last year, JUNNY toured in North America, and also performed a sold-out show in London, UK, for the first time. […]

JUST B is one of those rookie groups that ought to be on your radar if you are a K-pop fan. Debuted in June 2021 with the EP JUST BURN, the sextet impressed many with their vocals and stage presence. LIM JIMIN, GEONU, Bain, JM, DY, and SANGWOO are unique individuals, and while they’re still […]

2022 was quite a successful year, not only for Thai cinema, but also for the country’s TV releases. One of Bangkok’s biggest television production companies, GMMTV, which also acts as a talent agency for many popular artists, has produced a healthy amount of drama series, many of which are available in the UK through GMMTV’s […]

Jomalxne’s unexpected London performance, a supporting act on JAY B’s show, was one of the most exciting surprises of 2022. One never expected that the artist, whose music is barely known in Europe, could have left a striking impression on so many people, including myself. Hailing from South Korea, Jomalxne is not only an awe-inspiring […]