Mazen Khaled, with two features and four shorts under his belt, has already impressed critics with his promising film-making; seen as an art-house type of a director, his style undoubtedly aims at the niche market rather then at the mainstream audience. His new work, Martyr, was recognised by the Venice International Film Festival and presented […]

The atmosphere of gangster films has always resonated with darkness, violence and drugs, and more often than not involved bank robberies. In conjunction with a number of excellent directors, it is no wonder that the history of this genre is rich with outstanding films, and Above the Law (French: Tueurs) is one of those explosive, […]

In the middle of nowhere, on a grass patch among scattered bushes, a group of younger men is playing a game of football. It looks innocent at first, with basically no audible dialogue. But there is a growing sense of desperation and aggression involved in the game, up until the moment when one of the […]

Somewhere in the USA, the police comes into “a drop house” – a hideaway where illegal immigrants are being kept by traffickers before transporting them deeper into the country – and what they witness is a plastic rubbish bag, filled with human waste. In it, there is a man who is barely alive, and next […]

When a film production gets put on hold or it takes a while from the production wrap-up to its premiere, it sadly immediately gives off a red light to the audience, sending out a message that the film might not turn out to be to some of the viewers’ satisfaction. Kim Joon-sung’s directorial debut Lucid […]

“As a journalist, you shouldn’t be in a place that’s too comfortable,” German reporter Jürgen Hinzpeter says to his colleagues as they discuss the civil unrest in Gwangju, South Korea. He craves an interesting story, a chance to uncover a hidden truth to the world so when he hears about what’s happening there, he knows he must go. […]

There must be some sort of a curse, cast upon the works of Stephen King; while the novels and the stories that the man has created have thrilled and scared the living wits out of millions of readers across the globe, the majority of attempts to transfer those scaries and monsters and universes onto the […]