For over 80 years, superheroes have ignited fans’ imaginations around the world; that is eight decades of history, full of ups and downs – and eight decades of adventures of various iconic heroes. Sadly, while white superheroes were praised during these decades, black characters got pushed to the margin. It was only in 2016 that […]

Does it or does it not? Suck, that is? We seem to have several very loud sides in this discussion; from Marvel fans, all to happy to jump at anything DC and DCEU, to DC fans, loudly defending not only this film, but also the previous DC hits and misses (and let’s face it, there […]

The first production of The Guardians of the Galaxy was a pleasant breeze of fresh air in Marvel’s cinematic universe. The film charmed the audience with unusual conventions, very expressive characters and phenomenal humour. It was also obvious that the film’s producers were planning another The Guardians of the Galaxy feature. Soon after, James Gunn found himself […]