Oscars Oscars Oscars,what to think of them. This year’s Awards were slightly disappointing (for Maggie). They weren’t so disappointing for me (Roxy) they were more predictable than anything else. I wish I’d placed money on it though because I was right on all of the winners! My main problem with the awards was the amount […]

When I first discovered that a new silent film was being made I knew instantly that I would adore it. Having grown up watching silent cinema, namely the works of Charlie Chaplin, I had become accustomed to the soundtrack replacing an actor’s voice. This is not the case for everybody though, so of course Michel […]

We arrived at the 32nd London Critics’ Circle Film Awards buzzing with excitement and dressed for the occasion. We suffered along the way though; high heels, blisters, standing in the freezing cold and make-up explosions (clearly it started out well for us). We weren’t sure what to expect, but when we walked into the Riverfront […]