On the 19th of August 1978, terrorists set alight to the Cinema Rex in Abadan, Iran; killing over 420 people inside. While setting cinemas on fire was not unheard of before and during the Iranian Revolution of the late 70s – what happened at Cinema Rex remained one of the deadliest terrorist attacks for over […]

For a large number of former prisoners, getting out of jail is the first step of a long and complex journey of starting anew. One might expect that being released from prison should be closely associated with a newfound sense of freedom, but is it? Ulysse (Sandor Funtek: Blue is the Warmest Colour, A Wedding), […]

The atmosphere of gangster films has always resonated with darkness, violence and drugs, and more often than not involved bank robberies. In conjunction with a number of excellent directors, it is no wonder that the history of this genre is rich with outstanding films, and Above the Law (French: Tueurs) is one of those explosive, […]