‘MILEZAWAY’ Is an Exciting Burst of Immersive Grooves That Will Make One Dance Throughout the Day and Night – Jvde’s EP Review

Prior to becoming a solo artist, Jvde Milez, a South Korean singer-songwriter, was a part of a boy group called Big Star. Upon halting his career as a K-pop idol, he dived into R&B and Hip-hop and began working on his own music as well as collaborating with singers such as Zelo (former B.A.P member), Feeldog (fellow Big Star member), and Wheein of Mamamoo. After working with high calibre stars, Jvde marked another achievement by releasing a six-track project called MILEZAWAY, his first official EP, a record that gives you a delightful taste of Jvde’s talent. 

Photo © Lee Mi Jin

MILEZAWAY reassures Jvde’s gift of composing music that is inspired by old and new school R&B with a hint of Hip-hop. With this release, the artist not only impresses with a unique vocal tone but also the ability to carry various emotions in his voice. MILEZAWAY is a collaborative EP on which Jvde worked with a prolific producer, Way Ched (Time), as well as NEKOBLUE who is responsible for co-composing Body Sign, We Can Talk, and Esta Noche. Body Sign glides between honesty and passion while embracing the joy of being with the person you love. With expressive lyrics, one can feel the sensuous groove throughout, and, without a doubt, the song is for both dancing and romancing. Miss U, featuring Wheein of Mamamoo and co-written by her, can be loved for its truly amazing vocals and well-arranged music. It’s a song that could easily triumph on Billboard charts for one of the most exciting duets of this year. Wheein’s soft yet strong vocals complement Jvde’s voice and make the song sound soulfully good.

Photo © Lee Mi Jin

Esta Noche, co-written by Gabby Onme, Kinda Domain, and Jvde himself, delivers a different vibe; its drum programming brings to mind Future and Drake’s Life is Good. Esta Noche avoids overcomplicating sentiments with its straightforward lyrics, however, their oversexualised nature might not be in the artist’s favour with all of the feminist movements out there. The song doesn’t disappoint vocally; Gabby Onme adds his own ingredients to it with his voice, and the drum patterns create a seamless beat. With Time, on the other hand, Jvde stands out, and the song is beautifully arranged. The artist’s voice takes the audience to a paradise of golden harmonies as the music lets us drift away for 2 minutes and 40 seconds. If one is familiar with Way Ched’s work, one will always know that no matter who he produces for, the end product will always be extraordinary. We Can Talk, co-written by Jay Moon and featuring the artist himself, is a stirring collaboration. Moon’s rap flow is perfect and his voice fits the beat rhythmically. We Can Talk is a testament to what many of us experience on a daily basis regardless of where we are – it explores failed relationships and what might come afterwards… We have all been there. The last track on the EP is Bruce Wayne it features Kyle Lo and is composed by both Lo and Jvde. With this particular song Jvde manages to use his impassioned music style and lyrics to convey his frustrations; the lyrics feel real and raw at the same time. Written in English and Korean, the song does not lose its meaning as one can grab the sense of it by listening to the English part only. 

Photo © Lee Mi Jin

Through MILEZAWAY, Jvde shows that he has the confidence to vocalise his own feelings not only with his voice but also with his lyrics. With Time being the ‘cherry on top’ of the whole project, the EP demonstrates that Jvde’s music will only get better as he matures as a solo artist. Undoubtedly, MILEZAWAY is an exciting burst of immersive grooves that will make one dance throughout the day and night, and it proves how much Jvde is able to achieve musically if only given a chance to do so.

Rating: image-2

Written by Maggie Gogler

Featured photo (Art design) © 오가현

Music Video © Jvde Milez 

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