The largest Korean music festival, the MIK Festival, is coming to London. Taking place in Southwark Park on the 30th and 31st of July, the festival will feature acts such as Red Velvet, SUHO of EXO, Pentagon, VIVIZ, CHUNG HA, Golden Child, Cherry Bullet, and Billlie, as well as showcasing some of South Korea’s finest rappers, including Jay Park, Jessi, Loco, Gray, Lee Hi, Epik High, DOK2, and pH-1. 

K-pop is coming to the heart of London in style with the MIK Festival! Immerse yourself in everything Korean and experience some of the hottest K-pop acts and rappers. From live musical performances to a celebration of Korean fashion, street food, and dance, this weekend promises to deliver the very best of K-pop music and Korean culture for all ages.

MIK Festival Trailer © 2022 MIK Festival

The MIK Festival is the first and largest outdoor Korean music festival in Europe, aimed to combine the festival experience with Korean pop music and culture. The MIK Festival is not only a live concert where you can see performances by your favourite artists, but it’s also a carnival where K-pop fans can enjoy music, experience K-fashion and K-culture, fulfil their cravings for Korean street food, and express their talents through activities such as random dances and flash mobs. 

Everyone is invited to get in the mood and dress in their very best Korean style with our fashion market at hand to make sure you are bang on trend! Tickets start at £108 with 6 hours of non-stop live music each day from 3pm till 9pm.

  • 30 to 40 minutes for each act, enjoy a mega festival featuring the most popular Korean artists. 
  • Grab your tickets, dress up, and become a K-pop insider with the MIK style. 
  • To create a community for everyone who loves K-pop, the slogan is: Our K-pop, Our Nation, Our Festival, MIK FESTIVAL.

K-pop is a global phenomenon that has exploded onto the UK scene and into the charts – it is responsible for the no.1 global recording artist and 5 of the top 10 global albums. The genre is a melting pot of musical styles and it has an international teenage fanbase. As the UK’s leading promoter of East Asian artists, Magic Sound is honoured to bring Europe’s first K-pop festival to London. See you at the festival.

MIK Festival Trailer © 2022 MIK Festival

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