Jackson Wang is a man of many talents. Known for being a member of GOT7, a South Korean Idol group, the artist has impressed many with his singing and rapping skills throughout the years. Jackson is also recognised for being a record producer, songwriter, music video director, and fashion designer. In 2017, he expanded his portfolio by founding his own record label called Team Wang, which has allowed him to record and promote his solo projects in China. In the same year, the artist released his first solo single called Papillon, a lyrically and musically ambitious track that shows Jackson’s versatile artistry. Soon after, he released Novoland: The Castle in the Sky, a song that was fully recorded in Chinese – undeniably, the artist sounds as good in Chinese as he does in Korean and English. 

In 2019, Jackson released his first album, Mirrors, which turned out to be a commercial success. With Mirrors, Jackson proved that he is able to shine as a solo artist. His voice thrills everyone who listens to it. This hip-hop/R&B album also showed that the singer can find his way around various genres. As Mirrors “expresses the emotions of the contemporary youth and incorporates elements of China’s traditional culture”, many have related to the album. In addition, Jackson’s lyrical honesty demonstrated his talent as a songwriter.

Three years later, on September 9th, Jackson released an incredible new album, MAGIC MAN, where he broke away from hip-hop and R&B. MAGIC MAN is inspired by 1970s rock and manifests the maturity of the artist. It also shows that Jackson has grown into a self-confident and artistically-conscious singer. Produced by Daryl K, Henry Cheung, and Jackson himself, MAGIC MAN finds Jackson “at his most vulnerable – operating under the laws of mystery, temptation, and confusion”.

MAGIC MAN is the ultimate form of oneself, having gone through different peaks and valleys of life to arrive at the most authentic version. Everyone is able to become their own form of MAGIC MAN. It is not a mystery – everything is just magic”, says Jackson. 

In the following year, Jackson will probably be one of the busiest artists out there. Apart from his international tour dates, the singer will be heading to the UK’s capital, London, to promote his new album on January 12th, 2023. The sold-out show will take place at the London Eventim Apollo.

Featured image © Team Wang




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