The 2016 feature Neruda brings together two creators of the same (first) name – the character of the legendary Nobel prize winner and celebrated poet and political activist Pablo Neruda, whose original name was Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, serves as the center, the source material and the inspiration to Pablo Larraín, the barely 40-year-old […]

In 1777, an English writer Samuel Johnson wrote: “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life.” And surely he was right. The UK’s capital has always been full of life as well as diverse in every aspect of its existence. Jim O’Hanlon set his debut feature – A Hundred Streets – against London’s […]

  Recently Asian films, South Korean ones in particular, have been overflowing the British film market. Having said that, there’s one remarkable director, whose specific directorial style, often criticized for the excessive brutality and misogyny, drew my attention and it always will, his name is Kim Ki-duk. The first time I came across Kim Ki-duk’s […]

Yoon Seok-ho is a South Korean television director, whose status was solidified with the success of the TV dramas Autumn in My Heart in 2000 and Winter Sonata in 2002, which are both considered pioneers in Korean melodramatic series, launching the fever that is commonly referred to as the Korean Wave. For years Yoon Seok- […]

Marijn Poels is a documentary and independent filmmaker, who stole my heart with his extraordinary film stories. He focuses on making reports and films worldwide for organisations, governments and educational films concentrated on human rights. Apart from being a filmmaker he is also a writer and photographer. Poels’ film style is characterised by real-life recordings, […]

The Hour, created and written by Abi Morgan, is a television drama set in the 1960s about an investigative news programme called ‘The Hour’ and the team behind it. Whilst the first season dealt with the birth of ‘The Hour’ alongside the threat of spies and double agents during the cold war era, the second […]

I have to say that British filmmaker Alnoor Dewshi (77 Beds, Spiritual Rampage, Jomeo&Ruliet) kind of grew on me. His recent project, made for Prospero World, called Building, is a fascinating documentary about 1960- era apartment complex, located in Phnom Penh in Cambodia. The iconic place houses around 3,000 inhabitants. And it is home to […]

  After the huge commercial and artistic success of ‘ The Bridge on the River Kwai ‘, director David Lean began his extraordinary journey towards making another epic feature film. This time the Brit moved from the Indochina jungle to the Saudi Arabian desert and the Second World War turned into the First World War. […]

  Edward L Dark is a Creative Director of Button Up Productions in London, UK. He started as a Production Assistant on InkHeart and 10,000 B.C and as a Visual Effect Coordinator on Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince in 2009, then he moved into directing films. His most popular work has to be Chasing […]

Shame (2011) Shame by Steve McQueen (Hunger, Bear) is one of those films that will leave a mark in your mind and heart for a long time.Brandon (Michael Fassbender: Hunger, Jane Eyre) is a young wealthy man employed by a computer company in New York. He is addicted to sex. In the office, night bars, […]