It may not seem like it at first glance, but Park Chan-wook’s films are those of a distinctly romantic disposition. His narratives typically explore the tension that arises when erotic and emotional idealism meets cold, hard reality; in his films, the only happy romances can be found in either the dispassionate confines of a mental […]

What does it mean to explore non-fiction narratives through film? Accompanying other people with a camera during their everyday life is always difficult, but at the same time, it is an extraordinary journey for all parties involved, including the director, the film crew, and also the subject of the film. While documentaries capture meaningful moments, […]

24 June 2022, the Supreme Court overturned Roe v Wade. This is just the first step by the Republican Party in removing the American people’s hard-fought rights. Next up on the Christian nationalist agenda by the MAGA republicans seems to be same-sex marriage and the further erosion of trans rights. On the day that Trump was elected […]

Throughout the decades, the prominence of Native American men and women has declined. Undoubtedly, this is because of the horrific suffering they have endured due to colonization, as well as the widespread struggles on reservations nowadays. While foreign colonizers tried hard to strip away the culture of Native Americans, the people fought hard to preserve […]

Horses have been a part of Native American culture for a very long time, and most of their cultural iconography is filled with equestrian imagery, making a clear distinction in Indigenous art. Pure Grit, a documentary directed by Kim Bartley, depicts the story of Sharmaine, a young Native American woman who lives in the Wind […]

Chas Joynt’s award-winning, solo documentary debut, based upon his 2018 critically acclaimed short of the same name, casts a critical eye over trans histories as marked out by the singular, exceptional, trans person in the popular domain. This follows the documentary No Ordinary Man based on the life of Billy Tipton that he co-directed with […]

To Kill The Beast is the first feature film of Agustina San Martin, whose short films have garnered prestigious awards at film festivals including Cannes with Monster God (2019). The Argentinian director has also worked as a screenwriter, colourist, and cinematographer. Between 2020 and 2022, she was mentored by Lin-Manuel Miranda, actor, singer, songwriter and […]

A word to the wise, never show characters watching a seminal film that is far better than the one they are in (here the film is Romero’s classic The Night of the Living Dead). A pastor, Bishop (Michael Lombardi), loses his eldest daughter as a result of a drug exchange that goes wrong and must decide […]

Deep in the Apulian countryside, resides two powerful families with a venomous hatred of each other – the Malatestas and the Camporeales. It’s been around 40 years since their last bloodshed and ever since both families have been stuck in a tense stalemate with each other. All until the young Malatesta heir Andrea (Francesco Patanè) […]

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.” Houman Seyedi’s World War III starts with this quote oft-attributed to Mark Twain. One of the four Iranian titles premiering at Venice this year and the director’s sixth feature, the Orizzonti section finalist proves a bracing slow-burner that leaves you gaping by the time the credits start […]