Somewhere in the southern Chile, in a rural commune that seems to be perpetually bathed in the sun, a 12-year-old Tamara (Sara Caballero) is growing up in a seemingly free manner. The sun for her seems to be not so much the outside source of light, but a person – everything she knows and everything […]

The 2016 feature Neruda brings together two creators of the same (first) name – the character of the legendary Nobel prize winner and celebrated poet and political activist Pablo Neruda, whose original name was Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto, serves as the center, the source material and the inspiration to Pablo Larraín, the barely 40-year-old […]

Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis, “Jackie”, is probably one of the most recognizable global icons. She presented herself to the world first as the perfect renaissance woman (she was an accomplished equestrienne, an avid reader, and excelled at several foreign languages), then the perfect wife, mother, and the perfect First Lady (she still remains among the […]

Many estimated directors have (had) a muse that inspired and encouraged their creations, and Pablo Larrain seems to be no different. It started with Larrain’s second feature and the depiction of human darkness that comes from the obsession with the limelight in Tony Manero (Larrain, 2008), continued with politically-ridden hysteria and violence, imbued with emotion […]