When Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell, a British-Japanese co-production based on the 1989 seinen manga by Masamune Shirow, hit the cinemas worldwide in 1995, no one predicted that it would become one of the best science fiction animations of all times. In February 2016, Hollywood has taken on the very risky challenge of making a live-action […]

The last time I saw Scarlett Johansson in a decent film was in 2013 in Under the Skin, where she portrayed a nameless alien that adopted the physical form of a young woman and drove around Scotland picking up unwitting men to process as food. It was a frightening and unearthly film. Then she starred in […]

  Avengers Assemble, based on Marvel comic book, is the latest Joss Whedon’s film. And what a spectacular production it is! Safety on Earth is threatened by a vicious Norse God Loki (Tom Hiddleston : The Deep Blue Sea, Henry V, Wallander) who steals the Tesseract, an energy source of unknown potential, and uses it […]