After directing the acclaimed Apocalypto (2006), due to legal issues, Mel Gibson’s life turned into chaos, which might be the reason why he disappeared from Hollywood and film industry. It all changed in 2014, when Bill Mechanic (Producer of Coraline, The New World, Dark Water) gave Gibson the Hacksaw Ridge script. Following the read, Gibson thought it […]

Surprisingly, last year was fairly fruitful for the female filmmakers in South Korea. Most of their films – perhaps slightly unappreciated by the mainstream cinema critics – have been cherished by many film goers. One of those films is Will You Be There?, the first adaptation of Guillaume Musso’s 2006 bestselling novel with the same […]

“City of stars – Are you shining just for me?” There are two main artistic centres in the once “promised” land of USA; we could say that one is the city of dreams, while the other is the city of stars – and in both, you probably have to be at least a bit “la […]

After a lengthy hiatus, Lee Eon-hie finally grabbed a pen and paper – as well as camera – and created (with some help from Hong Eun-mi) her first thriller Missing, which features two well-known Korean actresses: Uhm Ji-won (Master, The Silenced, Wish) and Kong Hyo-jin (Single Rider, Boomerang Family, Crush and Blush). Missing depicts a story […]

There is a high possibility that in a little under a week, the first Hungarian short film in over fifty years will find itself on the list of the prestigious Academy Awards nominations –  Sing (also Mindenki), the  excellent 25-minute short about the competitive world of children’s choirs that is based on a true story […]

I have to admit that the Spanish director Juan Antonio Bayona wrung almost everything he possibly could from Patrick Ness’ fantasy novel A Monster Calls. Even though the novel is short, it is very rich in content; and that is what the audience gets to see on the big screen: the filmmaker serves the viewers […]