Can one scene from a film change a young boy’s life? That seems to be the case for Lee Jin-mu, a South Korean actor, filmmaker and a model, who got struck by the acting bug when he saw an emotional scene from Eyes of Dawn, one of the most popular TV dramas of the 1990’s: […]

“For as long as I can remember, fashion has influenced my life and the choices I have made,” Daniel Jacob, a Polish fashion designer, once said. Born in 1983, Daniel discovered his love for fashion when he was a child. When he grew up, he initially used his creativity when he took on a course […]

A few weeks ago, on a cold Autumn evening in the middle of Seoul, I was siting in a lovely and warm coffee shop where I was apprehensively waiting for Kim Hyun-jin, a model who is more than just a beautiful face. Dressed casual yet a la mode, Hyun-jin greeted me and sat down for […]

For the past few years, the fashion in South Korea has greatly matured, due to inspiration from the West. “Factors that have influenced the changes in the country’s fashion are culture, wealth, and (social) media, its developing economy has also had a profound effect on fashion.” Currently, South Korea maintains a unique fashion style that has become […]