In the middle of nowhere, on a grass patch among scattered bushes, a group of younger men is playing a game of football. It looks innocent at first, with basically no audible dialogue. But there is a growing sense of desperation and aggression involved in the game, up until the moment when one of the […]

In the beautiful setting of an Alpine resort, time stops. Skips a beat. Rewinds. Fast forwards. It is a luxurious hotel, but it almost feels like a high-end retirement home. The guests, most of whom appear to be in their autumn years, move from having their daily spa time to their doctor’s appointments to their […]

“Cinema is the mirror of the world” Bertolucci once said. And it sure is in the Italian director’s eyes. Born in 1940, son of the critically acclaimed poet Attilio Bertolucci, he entered adulthood in the 60s. In 1968, he was 27 years old and, according to him, that time was a great experience for him […]