With Their Vivid Performance, DAY6 Takes Over the Brixton Academy in London

JYP Entertainment, one of the main players on the Korean music market, made the right decision by giving DAY6 their debut. Since 2015, the group has been storming the world with its rock, K-pop and pop-punk tunes continuously. Comprised of Jae, Sung-jin, Young K, Wonpil and Do-woon, the group embarked on their 2nd World Tour called Gravity, stopping in London once again after selling out their first show in the capital back in 2019. Headlining the Brixton Academy on January 12th, DAY6 sang their hearts out for over two hours to around 4,000 fans.

Photo © JYP Entertainment & MMT 

On a cold and windy Sunday night, to the hysterical screams of fans and colourful flashing lights, DAY6 appeared on stage, quickly grabbing their instruments and, without delay, began the show with Best Part from their brand-new album The Book of Us: Gravity, and like the lyrics itself “This moment is the best part”, the group instantaneously showcased their energy in their performance, like the show was one of the best moments of their lives. DAY6 sang their way through the first half of the show as fast as they possibly could.


Photo © JYP Entertainment & MMT 

JYP might be responsible for the group’s success, but how much artistic freedom does the band have? Mixing various music genres, we assume that the pop aspects of their songs are purely part of JYP’s requirements, while the rock songs are truly what DAY6 is all about. You might ask, why? But, to us, it seemed clear during their performance on the day. Jae, Sung-jin and Young K swung from side to side, jumped and really got into the zone while playing their rock songs, also vocally, their voices fall into the right places with songs that have a more heavier sound, rather than their K-pop songs. Shoot Me, Sweet Chaos and Headache demonstrated that they ought to concentrate on creative, and technically more ambitious music instead of the easy kind that appears in Korean pop at times.


Photo © JYP Entertainment & MMT 

No one can deny that DAY6 kept their fans entertained throughout the show, the crowd bounced in sync for quite some time; it was clearly an intense night with 28 songs performed. The show wasn’t short of a few covers either, as Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You has surely become the most sang song by Korean artists while on tour.

DAY6 is one of those bands, alongside The Rose, that writes their own songs and plays their own instruments; it’s no secret that only a handful of Korean performers are capable or allowed to do so. When it comes to stage arrangements, DAY6 outdid themselves, it was perfect. Thrilling visual images that were continuously screened in the background were flawlessly incorporated into their performance. The group also took their time to chat with the fans and thank them for everything, as without them, DAY6 wouldn’t have been where they are today. 


Photo © JYP Entertainment & MMT 

During the show, there was also time for individual moments for the musicians; Do-woon and Young K’s drum and bass solos were terrific. Wonpil’s keyboard and Sung-jin’s solo moments were also worth the crowd’s attention, however, it was Jae’s guitar solo that took our breath away, as he is a true rock star. Although, the group might be slightly manufactured by JYP and its money, there is definitely an edge and appreciable character to DAY6. The show in London was filled with the young men’s spirit and vigour, leaving their fans eager for more…until next time! 

Rating: image-2


Photo © JYP Entertainment & MMT 

Written by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Roxy Simons 


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