24th Udine Far East Film Festival: “Special Delivery” Review

Sometimes, when you have seen too many dramas, you just wish to chill out while watching a good action film. And Special Delivery, written and directed by Park Dae-min, is one of those films. 

Eun-ha (Park So-dam: Parasite) is a delivery driver who asks no questions. She works for Baek Sa-jang (Kim Eui-sung: Taxi Driver), the president of Baekgang Industries, a special cargo company and a scrapyard. She is precise in everything she does, however, when executing one of the orders, she violates the rules and decides to help Seo Won (Jung Hyeon-jun: Parasite), a little boy, who also becomes her delivery. 

Image © Next Entertainment World

Practically from the very first minute of the film, the audience witnesses car chases, fights, and the extraordinary bravery of the protagonist. Special Delivery provides as many emotions as it was actually meant to deliver, perfectly balancing the narrative between creative scenes and spectacular action.

From the outset, Special Delivery is an audio-visual feast and a technical masterpiece. The dynamic action, thanks to excellent editing, takes place to the rhythm of the music. The soundtrack defines this movie to such an extent that even the engine roars and the shooting bullets whistle on the screen in line with the action and imagery. Park Dae-min’s new film is incredibly rhythmic and mesmerising, with the picture blending seamlessly with the superb sound.

Image © Next Entertainment World

Special Delivery is quite simple and uncomplicated due to its direct storytelling. This is partly thanks to the main character’s backstory and the plethora of interesting, fully fleshed-out side characters. It is an entertaining and engaging story that fits somewhere between the genres of action, drama, and thriller. The uneasy dynamics between the characters also create a sense of uncertainty, tension, and unpredictability, adding a necessary thrill to the narrative.

While many are comparing the film to 2017’s Baby Driver by Edgar Wright, Special Delivery seems to take more inspiration from 28 Days Later and I am Legend. The fight of an individual against the undead masses could be somewhat compared to Eun-ha’s battle against criminals to save the child. Her lonely struggle to maintain mental balance and survive what’s about to happen is in its own way fascinating and does not allow you to take your eyes off the screen.

Special Delivery is an excellent action film with first-rate acting from Park So-dam, Song Sae-byeok, Kim Eui-sung, and Jung Hyeon-jun. In addition, with its suspenseful plot, impeccable mise-en-scène, and great cinematography, the film has become a precious gem amongst all other action films. 


Rating: 4 out of 5.

Written by Maggie Gogler

Image © Next Entertainment World

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