While the past two decades saw a continuous uprise of superhero movies and birthed new comic book-based film franchises that now keep on chugging out new films (Marvel has been especially high-yielding, producing several Marvel universe movies each year), the staleness that started to show on the face of this trend first received a breath […]

Jacqueline Lee Kennedy Onassis, “Jackie”, is probably one of the most recognizable global icons. She presented herself to the world first as the perfect renaissance woman (she was an accomplished equestrienne, an avid reader, and excelled at several foreign languages), then the perfect wife, mother, and the perfect First Lady (she still remains among the […]

“City of stars – Are you shining just for me?” There are two main artistic centres in the once “promised” land of USA; we could say that one is the city of dreams, while the other is the city of stars – and in both, you probably have to be at least a bit “la […]

It has been 45 years since in 1971, George Lucas conceived an idea for a space fantasy film that has in the following years taken on many a transformation – at first, it was supposed to be a feature set in the Flash Gordon universe – and has undergone several treatments, before it finally found […]

The 21st Busan International Film Festival served us this year with a multitude of great Asian films and with several amazing Western film creations, among which Bleed For This, written and directed by Ben Younger, perhaps stood out the most – not only because Ben Younger himself attended the festival, along with his two all-star […]

Star Trek is a massively successful franchise which opened its first frontier with a TV space opera exactly 50 years ago, and has since spun off seven TV shows (with the upcoming Star Trek: Discovery) and also – Star Trek Beyond included –  13 feature films. Star Trek Beyond is the third instalment of the […]

Welcome to Maggie’s bubble. It is a very genre-specific bubble; that of quirky intellectuals, and Springsteen- and Žižek-loving academics/anthropologists in the cold-but-all-warm-inside New York. We’ve visited similar bubbles before with some other (famous) directors, so we can feel right at home as we gently descend into this subtly-woven, but then also occasionally in-your-face (in an […]

The media – especially those that are not carefully controlled by the shadowy money-wielding forces  – constantly reminds us that we live in a world of corporations that exercise control over many things, with the world of finance basically being their playground. It is no wonder that the little man will occasionally get fed up […]