Reflection, a slow pace of life… and life, dictated by the four seasons, are themes, rarely depicted in Korean cinema; instead, more viewers are attracted to the adrenaline-packed productions, full of well-known actors. But 2018 marked a change of tide – the leading female “auteur of Korean New Wave cinema” Yim Soon-rye adopted Little Forest, the two-volume manga of Daisuke Igarashi of the same title, into a subtle and pure story about the life of a young girl who returns to her childhood rural village, Uiseong, in the North Gyeongsang Province. There, the audience follows Hye-won’s (Kim Tae-ri: The Handmaiden) healing journey, with her home cooking and the use of seasonal ingredients – the building bricks of a slow, nature-dependent lifestyle in the countryside.

little forest

Kim Tae-ri, an emerging and fearless young actress, portrays Hye-won, a girl who returns to the village after she failed to pass the state exams and broke up with her boyfriend. Upon Hye-won’s return home, she realizes that her mother (the wonderful Moon So-ri) left the home without a word; there is no food to be found, and Hye-won also finds herself having to deal with the house and the land itself – until her return, her ageing aunt took care of the two. Hye-won, who desires to be left alone, tries to carry on with her life; however, this doesn’t last – the news of her being back spreads quickly (…).

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Written by Maggie Gogler

Edited by Sanja Struna

All photos © Watermelon Pictures


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