Last Friday, fans of Asian cinema from all over Europe (and the world, to be exact) found themselves on a cinematic pilgrimage to the little town in Northeast Italy; Udine turns into a bona fide Mecca of Asian cinema every year. What made the screening of the opening film Steel Rain extra special was the presence of both male leads, Kwak Do-won and Jung Woo-sung, along with the film’s director Yang Woo-suk.

A day later, in the scorching heat of what felt was the beginning of a proper Italian summer (never mind that it is only mid-spring!), the magnificent trio took the time to answer our questions and have a short conversation that cooled down the heat with a few precious bouts of laughter (…).

You can read the rest of this interview on View of Korean Cinema


We would like to thank Kwak Do-won, Jung Woo-sung and Yang Woo-suk for taking the time to answer our questions, and the Udine Far East Film Festival team for arranging the interview.


Written and edited by Sanja Struna

Interview transcription by Roxy Simons

Interviewed by Sanja Struna and Roxy Simons

All ‘Steel Rain’ photos © Netflix

Cover photo © Sanja Struna

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