20th Udine Far East Film Festival: Forgotten Review

Several screams pierced the air – and the girl next to me even lost her shoe – in the Teatro Nuovo theatre on the humid Sunday night screening at the 20th Udine Far East Film festival; the audience was completely immersed in a roller-coaster viewing one can only expect from a true-to-the-bone South Korean thriller. And that is exactly what Forgotten, written and directed by Jang Hang-jun, is. Featuring a story with subtle nods at Old Boy and The Tale of Two Sisters, it spins its thrilling tale with elements of horror and family drama, with twists that send your mind reeling – and if this peaks your interest, you can watch it right now from anywhere – thanks to Netflix, Forgotten is only a few clicks away.


The story is nightmarish from the very first second. Waking up in cold sweat from a terrifying dream in which an unidentifiable man is being brutally tortured, Jin-seok (Kang Ha-neul) finds himself in the car with his father (Moon Sung-keun), mother (Na Young-hee) and brother Yoo-seok (Kim Mu-yeol) (…) .

You can read the rest of this review on View of Korean Cinema

Written by Sanja Struna

All photos © Netflix

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